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We Filed in NSW and Federally!!!

Victoria is next...

"Historians will be saying Cyclists Parties began in Australia." - Facebook entry


Because of your enthusiastic support - and after just 12 weeks from our "launch" - we formally applied to be registered as a party with both the Australian Electoral Commission and the NSW EC this week.  With over 900 roll-validated members in NSW we secured the basis for being assessed for registration for both state and federal elections.  There is no guarantee that we will attain either - many parties take years to do what we are trying to accomplish in months - but we are in for a good chance with a bit more help from our members (more below).


NSW - Members (over 1,000 total, 830 with forms received) please note:  

  • Beginning next week the NSW EC will be sending membership verification lettersit is essential that members respond to this letter by January 8th.  In order to qualify as a party, the EC will need to receive 750 affirmative responses.
  • Beginning soon, the AEC will also be calling or emailing a sampling of members to also verify that we meet their minimum requirements.  Again, it is very important that you respond to these calls or emails.
  • NSW members, if you have not done so, please sign and return (email attachment or post) the official NSW EC form found on the home page of for your membership to count.  Registering online is not enough in NSW and we are still short about 100 of these forms from members.

Victoria (446 total Members):

In Victoria we are still about 150 members short of the target number (500 plus a 100 reserve) - but we do have more time in hand to get there as the deadline is much closer to the November election.  Given our limited resources, higher target and very tight time frame in NSW, we have had to focus most of our efforts there first.  Victoria is "next" and most likely the first fully contestable election in Australia for the party.

Queensland (84):

If the AEC qualify us in time, we will consider running in the election for the seat of Griffith.  We will only do this if we feel we can have an impact on the outcome.

WA (36):

We are still awaiting the outcome of the deliberations regarding the re-running of the Senate seat for WA.  Should it allow new parties to contest, we will consider running a candidate.

SA (26):

We were too late to register for your upcoming election.  Nonetheless, our interest remains for ramping up from 2014.

ACT (15), Tasmania (16), NT (3):

We need your support and we want to help get things started.  But as you can see from the list above, we have a lot of work to do to cover the most urgent elections.  If you are keen to help get things going and can do it with minimal support, please let us know.

Finally, we want to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season and here is a bit of a gift to you to finish off 2013 and consider what may be possible in 2014... the 1896 coat of arms proposed for a federated Australia:
Photo: This was one proposed coat of arms for Australia during the lead up to Federation (1896)... Perhaps the ACP should revive it?
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