DMV Rapper Lambo Anlo Is The Next Neighborhood Hero with "Wish You Well" EP and Video

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For Release: Wednesday, April 17th


Rostrum Records DMV-born rapper Lambo Anlo releases new three-song EP and lead single entitled “Wish You Well” with accompanying video.

Lambo’s original lead single was “Non-Disclosure”, a certified summer hit that we wanted to push for marketing reasons, but due to the recent devastation within the hip-hop community with the passing of Nipsey Hussle, Lambo thought it felt more authentic to lead with his favorite song off the EP “Wish You Well" - a song that truly represents who he is as an artist and how he wants to be acknowledged in the industry.

“I wanted to release this record first because it's one of, if not, my favorite record I've ever recorded. Reason being it has a very positive vibe and message. It gives people hope when they hear it that everything is gonna be ok. And I believe that's a message that not only people close to me, but the culture as a whole needs to hear right now.”

"Wish You Well" is available TODAY on all DSPs. Connect with Lambo Anlo on Instagram

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Click to watch "Wish You Well" video

Join us in NYC for a listening session on 4/25

About Lambo Anlo:

Lambo Anlo is on his way to becoming a neighborhood hero. Some may just say that but the Capitol Heights, MD raised rapper’s birth certificate clearly reads District of Columbia General Hospital; it doesn’t get much more DMV than that. The 24 year old wordsmith is the second youngest of six children, growing up in a home where his parents and siblings exposed him to a myriad of musical genres that transcended eras. From his older brother introducing him to the lyrical genius of Tupac, Scarface and Notorious BIG to his parents singing along to early Motown acts like The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye, to the sounds of Go-Go filling the streets of DC, Lambo pulls from an extensive frame of reference when creating his music. Embodying these different influences and DMV’s soul without sounding dated or like a caricature of artists from previous eras would seem difficult for most rappers, but for Lambo it is the perfect inspiration he has needed to grow his artistry into a unique figure in the rap game.

Lambo writes lyrics with a perspective much wiser than his years – a testament to his tribulations and blessings. When mentioning the former, no single event has affected his life like the untimely death of his older brother, which left him shell-shocked at the tender age of seven years-old. Losing someone so close lit a fire in Lambo, ultimately causing him to approach each day with a higher level of urgency, considering that any day could be your last. 

The balance of life requires blessings to come after tribulations. In 2016 Lambo received his greatest gift: his daughter. Just as his career has begun to ascend, she’s given him laser-focus – a reason to stay grounded through the madness that comes with fame and stardom. Her presence has allowed Lambo to dive into more substantive content and lyrics that he hopes will make her proud in the future. Like life, music is about balance. Hip-hop has always produced quick, microwaveable product for monetary gain in parallel to the songs of substance, an idea that has only increased with the presence of the Internet. Fortunately, the proverbial cream always rises to the top, making the game look rather appetizing for Lambo. His first EP “Wish You Well” is scheduled to release this April 2019 through Rostrum Records and features a three song set that represents different sides of himself as an artist, father and man.

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