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eNEWS #57  -  DECEMBER 2014

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The 2014 Ellie Award Winners. Clockwise L-R Caspar Mazzotti, Marcos Moro, Scott Walmsley, Paul Swain, Nicholas Beauman ASE (Lifetime Membership), Bryan Mason, Nicholas Holmes ASE, Jessica Matascio, Karin Steininger ASE (Accreditee) Melanie Annan, Denise Haslam ASE, Gwen Sputore. Click here for the full list of winners and nominees.

Greetings Editors, 

CONGRATULATIONS to all Ellie winners!!!

The ninth annual ASE ‘Ellie’ Awards, was hosted by the multi talented actor/director and writer, Leah Purcell, (thank you Leah), and our special guest this year was Gillian Armstrong. There was a huge turn out of over 150 guests at the Paddington RSL Sydney organised by the very talented Sophia Habib. 

More pictures are on the website.

Congratulations Nicholas Beauman ASE and Karin Steininger ASE. 

Our new Lifetime member this year is Nicholas Beauman ASE, and we have a new Accreditee, Karin Steininger ASE. 

The evening started with drinks in the foyer and was followed by a sit down dinner. Our Sponsors were in attendance and the first presentation of the night was Accreditation. Karin talked passionately on “changing consciousness and the magic of editing”.

The Lifetime member was presented after the dinner break. Nick’s guests were Gillian Armstrong, John Pleiffer, his very charming wife Jytte Beauman and the lovely Adrian Wills, who directed 88, one of Nick’s recent projects. A short film brilliantly directed and edited by Jenny Hicks was screened which showcased Nick’s talent and interviews with Nick’s co-workers. You can access the version played on the night here, and a longer version here. Gillian Armstrong gave a poignant and beautiful tribute to him and talked of their 35 year relationship in the cutting room, how they first worked together and their incredibly strong partnership over this time. Nick, when accepting his award, gave a moving thanks. We hope to see his enormous talent grace editing rooms for many years to come. 

The night was a fantastic success and I would like to thank our sponsors for their support, their incredibly generous lucky door prizes and for being wonderful company during the evening. It was also fabulous to have so many interstate members with us. Sean Lahiff our South Australian chair, Bryan Mason, Steven Robinson ASE, Ben Joss, David Fosdick our new WA chair, to name a few only. Thank you for coming.

I would like to congratulate our members who have been AACTA nominated for the 2015 awards.

AACTA in conjunction with the ASE are holding a MEET THE MAKERS panel on January 26th and George Street Cinema’s Sydney at 4.30 pm. Tickets are $15 so get yours now. Come and hear our nominated editors talk about their art.

It’s the end of 2014. 
Thank you to all who have contributed to the guild this year.

Thanks to the 2014 Executive Committee and State Committees who have given of their personal time with incredible passion. The guild could not function without your hard work. Your enthusiasm, energy and attention to detail is unsurpassed. 

Personal thanks to Shannon Longville for handling the ASE newsletter and to Daniel Jesus Vignolle de Mello for helping out. It’s a big job and it’s very appreciated. 

Thank you to my vice president Deb Peart ASE, for working with our Sponsors.

Thanks to our Secretary Christine Cheung — the world leader in data base creation.

A huge and very important thanks to Margaret Slarke

Thank you Jane St Vincent Welch ASE, Gwen Sputore, Matt Villa ASE, Jenny Hicks, Brianna Cook and Fiona Macintosh, James Sutton and Scott Gray ASE for all your support. Thanks to Adrian Barac, for again taking on the preparation of the awards media playback - a triumph.

Thank you to our sponsors for your generosity. You aid us in broadening our profile and our resources. It was fabulous to see so many of you with us at the awards and each sponsor reel was inspiring.

I like to say a fond farewell to our outgoing West Australian Chair Lawrie Silvestrin ASE. Lawrie we all appreciate your work for the guild and the West Australian editing community. Thank you.

Thanks also to our outgoing Victorian Chair Steven Baras-Miller. Victorian events have been prolific this year. Warm congratulations on your organisation of the MURIEL’S WEDDING screening to name but one.

I would like to introduce David Fosdick, our new West Australian Chair and Barrie Munroe ASE our new Victorian chair. Welcome.

Have a great holiday season and stay safe. 

Dany Cooper ASE
ASE President 

State Updates


On Monday December 1st the WA branch held its end of year wrap function at our unofficial meeting room – Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle. All members expressed their appreciation for the hard work and commitment shown by the outgoing Chairman Lawrie Silvestrin ASE, and put the incoming Chairman on notice that he had big shoes to fill. Meredith Watson-Jeffery continues as Treasurer and Nick Dunlop has stepped into the role of Secretary.

It has been a busy year for most of the WA members, with a large number of projects benefitting from their skills and creativity. The following list of projects edited by WA members in 2014 is not definitive but is indicative of the health of our local chapter.

Meredith Watson-Jeffery  -                            Outback Truckers (doco series)
Roland Smith -                                              Outback Truckers (doco series)
                                                                      The Bachelor (reality TV)
Regg Skwarko -                                             The Pineville Heist (Feature Drama)
                                                                      Outback Truckers (doco series)
Haig Stewart -                                               Outback Truckers (doco series)
Lawrie Silvestrin ASE -                                 The War That Changed Us (doco series)
                                                                      Flying Miners (doco series)
                                                                      Barrow (short drama)
                                                                      Karroyul (short  drama)
                                                                      Fighter (doco)
Ted McQueen-Mason -                                 Whadjuk to Wadjemup (doco)
Theresa Ashton-Graham -                            Who Do You Think You Are?  (doco series #6 & #7)
Andrei Petrut -                                               72 Dangerous Animals – Australia (doco series)
David Fosdick -                                             The Dreamhouse (doco series)
                                                                      The War That Changed Us (doco series)
                                                                      The Lloyd Rayney Story (feature doco)
                                                                       Who Do You Think You Are? (doco series #7)
Nick Dunlop -                                                 The Dreamhouse (doco series)
                                                                       My 3 families (doco)
                                                                       One & Only (doco series)
                                                                       Angela’s Rules (doco)
Jonathan Rowdon -                                       Who Do You Think You Are? (doco series #6 )
                                                                       Birthplace of the Giants (doco – currently in post)
Beckett Broda -                                             Who Do You Think You Are?  (doco series #6)
                                                                       Housewives of Melbourne (reality TV)
Andrew Parnell -                                            Perth Fashion Show Special (doco)
                                                                       WA Health Awards (Multi-media presentation)
                                                                       The Scarlett Sapphire – behind the scenes (doco)
                                                                       Fragile (short drama – post supervisor)

The majority of the projects edited by our members this year have been documentaries and documentary series for television and this continues to be the economic mainstay looking forward into the New Year. Whilst feature drama projects have been thin on the ground for local members (with the exception of Regg Skwarko editing the feature The Pineville Heist) the low-budget/ no-budget short drama genre continues to offer creative opportunities for WA editors – albeit low-paid or no-paid.

There are numerous other editors here in WA yet to join the ASE so it will be a focus of our activities in 2015 to show the benefits of belonging to the guild.

It was an honour to attend the 2014 Ellies in my new role as Chair of the WA branch. The highlight of the event for me was witnessing the passion, encouragement  and support our community extends to each member in the pursuit of excellence in our craft.  Also the chance to catch up with familiar faces  and to put faces to some familiar names was personally satisfying.

Whilst there were no WA nominees this year it was great to see a couple of WA ex-pats in Melanie Annan and Gwen Sputore picking up gongs for their expertise.
Dany Cooper and her hardworking committee staged an excellent event  and  I can highly recommend you book a ticket for the 2015 shindig.
David Fosdick
Western Australian Committee



Congratulations to the South Australian ASE members who were nominated at this year's 'Ellies'. It was great to have an SA contingent present in Sydney for the awards night this year and a big bravo to Bryan Mason for taking out Best Editing in a Feature Film, for his work on 52 Tuesdays.  

As well as the productions and editors who received nominations this year, it is important to recognise and congratulate all the assistant editors, assembly editors and editorial staff who helped make those productions shine. 

It has been a massive year for production in South Australia - we've had feature films, television, webisodes, TVCs, music videos and short films shooting & being edited in our state. Local, interstate and international productions have come through Adelaide with great success, but unfortunately we're also facing a disappointing loss of locally made content at the ABC due to the latest round of Government cut-backs. The ABC was a staple source of work - from full-time professionals, right through to starting-out editors, and part-time and casual editors across a multitude of productions.  

It's an important time to band together as a guild and get in touch with local members. Moving forward with stronger communication, we're striving for a stronger community of editors here in South Australia.  With so much being made here by so many great post-production'eers, we are planning for a more regular event schedule in 2015.  

Merry Christmas from South Australia!

Sean Lahiff
South Australian Committee



2014 ASE 'Ellie' Awards: A Letter from Nicholas Beauman ASE

Nicholas Beauman ASE with director and long-time collaborator Gillian Armstrong

A letter from Nicholas Beauman ASE

Dear ASE Guild,


My Lifetime Achievement Award was….. a once in a lifetime experience.
Of course we all get compliments from time to time, but to get so many in one hit, is not only overwhelming, but also a wonderous experience.

Even though I was as nervous as hell, I really had a great time. Many many thanks to everyone who contributed to making my night such a joy, especially Jenny Hicks. It was such an emotional ride seeing snippets from some of the films I have edited plus listening to all those work colleagues with whom I share such fond memories.

My sons once asked me would I be upset if I never won anything, and my response was. ”Of course everyone wants their work acknowledged, and of course I would like to win an award, but I’ve had a great career, its taken me all over the world, so no I’d be okay with that”. Whereupon my eldest son replied: ”Don’t worry Dad, stick around for long enough, and they will give you a Lifetime Achievement Award”. And so it came to pass. Hallelujah!! I’m a happy man.

Once again thank you for a fabulous night.

My very best.

Nick Beauman ASE, LAAR

Click here to see the Nick Beauman tribute video screened at the 2014 Ellies. A longer version is available here. Directed and edited by Jenny Hicks.

Much Ado About Adobe

DATELINE:  Tuesday 25th November 2014
THE MAIN EVENT: Adobe Premiere seminar
VENUE: Film and Television Institute, State Library, Perth

as reported by Lawrie Silvestrin ASE

Despite the slightly whimsical title, this seminar, held recently in Perth was really Much Ado About Something Pretty Big actually.

With the final death rattles of FCP 7 shaking through west coast cutting rooms, many local members had been asking the ASE to organise a seminar about that so-called “new kid on the block” Adobe Premiere Pro. As an avid Avid user, I hadn’t had any experience of Adobe apart from some basic Photoshop work and some cursory explorations of After Effects. Nor did I see any real need to start learning yet another editing system when the one I had was serving me well. Then I began editing a short drama beautifully shot by an award-winning WA cinematographer using a codec that produced AVCHD files with .MTS file extensions. WTF! I could happily watch the rushes clips using VLC but then what? AMA didn’t work, Importing didn’t work. I even tried FCP 7 and that didn’t work. Fortunately the award-winning cinematographer had some software to convert the files to Avid DNxHD Quicktimes…perfect. Then came the task of importing them into Avid to create MXF files…easy…just link to AMA and transcode. One week later I was finally ready to start syncing and logging and get going with the editing.



ASE 'Ellie' Awards pictures & Winners gallery





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ASE Accreditation, Lifetime membership and Ellie Awards 

Congratulations to Nicholas Beauman ASE, 2002 ASE accredited member, on receiving Lifetime Membership, and to multi-awarded editor Karin Steininger ASE on receiving her ASE accreditation - well done.

To those who walked an Ellie home on the night - FANTASTIC. Your blood sweat and tears paid off.

With the silly season upon us - party hard and more importantly party safe.  

Wishing you all a healthy and wealthy 2015.

Tip for December:
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DaVinci Resolve Advanced – Friday 30 Jan 2015
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AFTRS OPEN has a variety of short Editing and VFX courses in the New Year. All courses are taught by industry experts in AFTRS Open’s state of the art facilities in Sydney. Highlights include: AVID MC 101 & 110 our Summer School intensive, plus INTRO TO AFTER EFFECTS and CINEMA 4D BASICS. In February we’ve also just scheduled Avid MC V8 courses.
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Intro to After Effects for Broadcast Graphics

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21 - 22 February


Avid Media Composer V8 110

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14 - 15 February

Avid Media Composer V8 101

This two evening plus one weekend Avid-accredited course is the first step in achieving confidence, creativity, and efficiency with Avid Media Composer 8, the non-linear film/video editing application used in most television productions. Along with its counterpart, Media Composer 8: Part 2 Effects Essentials, (MC 110) this course provides the foundation for Media Composer User Certification. (2 week evenings and 2 weekend days)
23 Feb - 1 March




Editor Dody Dorn on Fury's Wrenching Mortal Combat



Carl* worked in cinema exhibition for over 30 years before he retired. He now has health issues and requires a machine for sleep apnoea.

"Without the much needed help and support of the MPIBS I would not have been able to sleep comfortably at night without this machine. I would also just like to say thank you to the MPIBS for their ongoing support.”

* Due to the stringent confidentiality requirements of the MPIBS, names have been changed.

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Beneficiaries can receive cash to supplement government pensions, as well as quarterly subsidies for gas, phone or electricity, essential medical aids - from wheel chairs to breathing apparatus - and annual “Winter Comfort” and “Christmas Cheer” payments.

The Society relies entirely on donations from motion picture industry enterprises and individuals to fund its work. As generous as these contributions are, we always need more to meet the increasing call on the Society’s funds.

To donate, please visit our website for more information.


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