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eNEWS #53  -  AUGUST 2014

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 Class of 2004 Event (NSW) L-R Nick Holmes ASE, Dany Cooper ASE, Alexandre de Franceschi ASE, Dr. Karen Pearlman, Andrea Lang ASE, Kim Moodie ASE, Fiona Strain ASE

Greetings Editing Colleagues,
Last Sunday, August 3 we celebrated the Class of 2004 Accreditee's in Sydney at the Lord Dudley Hotel, Woollahra and in Melbourne at The King of Tonga Hotel, Elwood. The Sydney event had a fantastic turn out, attended by Alexandre De Franceschi ASE, Nicholas Holmes ASE, Andrea Lang ASE, Fiona Strain ASE and Kim Moodie ASE. Apologies from Melanie Sanford ASE in the form of a video created by Fiona Strain ASE and also from Frans Vandenburg ASE who sent an inspiring letter.  Melbourne celebrated Mark Atkin ASE and Wayne Hyatt ASE. I would like to thank those on the Executive Committee for their hard work in setting up the event, in particular Brianna Cook, Adrian Barac, Christine Cheung and as always Margaret Slarke.  Our host and chair was Karen Pearlman, thank you very much Karen. Thank you also to the Victorian Committee and especially Lucy Paplinska for your part in the Victorian celebration.

We are gearing up for the ASE awards and applications are now open for Accreditation submissions which have a new set of guidelines so please check them out on the website:

This year the awards will be held at the Paddington RSL on the evening of December 6. Looking forward to seeing you all there so please send in your entries. It will be a brilliant night.

Remember if you have anything you want to share please connect with us. We are here for you. Thanks to all who contributed to this month's newsletter.
Dany Cooper ASE
ASE President 

State Updates


Congratulations to the winners of the editing awards at the 2014 WA Screen Awards:  Roderick MacKay for Factory 293 (Best Short Form) and Nick Dunlop for Comic Book Heroes (Best Long Form). Nick also picked up the Best Direction award and Best Television Production - Factual.

Thanks to the recruitment folk from Shine Australia who were in Perth for two days in July.  A number of WA editors met with them and all said they enjoyed the positive and friendly meeting.  One editor has already been offered work.

The movie These Final Hours is screening in cinemas now. Edited by Nick Meyers ASE and Meredith Watson Jeffrey.  It's great, go see it.

And coming up on ABC is The Dreamhouse edited by Beckett Broda, David Fosdick and Nick Dunlop. Starts screening on  August 7th at 9.30pm for six weeks.

And also on ABC starting on August 19th at 8.30pm is the four part WW1 docudrama series The War That Changed Us edited by David Fosdick and Lawrie Silvestrin ASE.

Lawrie Silvestrin ASE
Western Australian Committee


The shores of Adelaide have been transformed in to a battleground for Deadline Gallipoli – Michael Rymer’s new mini series starring a myriad of fantastic Australian talent, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

Another locally made production has hit the screen headlines... ANZAC Girls – a moving new six-part series based on the unique, and rarely told true stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses serving at Gallipoli and the Western Front. ANZAC Girls starts airing this month on the ABC. Edited by Anne Carter & Denise Haratzis ASE, and assisted by Karen McKay – the team was based in the new Adelaide Studios which continues to bring work in to our state.  Rising Sun Pictures did visual effects for the show and Marty Pepper of Kojo was the colourist. 

The trailer can be viewed here… Check it out!:

There’s something about our state that seems to attract films and television series from the darker side of genres, as Nick Robertson’s feral dog thriller The Pack has also been using the South Australian landscape to shoot in over the past month.  Karen McKay is currently assisting Gabriella Muir in Adelaide, which wrapped principle photography last week.

Another locally made show has just began its run on network television - SAM FOX: Extreme Adventures, coloured by Sam Matthews.  The first episode can be viewed here online:

Animation is continuing to thrive in S.A, with The New Adventures of Figaro Pho (ABC) and 1001 Nights (Channel 10), with Krystle Penhall at the assistant editing helm.

James Cameron – perhaps one of the biggest names of modern cinema, is releasing his long awaited DEEP SEA CHALLENGE 3D this month.  The post production crew consisted of editors and ASE posties from a number of states around Australia, including Carly Turner from S.A.  Quite a monstrous movie – congratulations to everyone involved.

Sean Lahiff

South Australian Committee


Meet the ASE Community


Meet The Member: Mandy Eyley, NSW

Hi there! I'm Mandy - recent 2013 Editing AFTRS graduate. I'm fairly new to post-production, but after spending a few years working in various departments on set, I feel that editing is the place for me. I'm currently developing my assistant editor skill set working as an assistant on Mad Max Fury Road, and am very grateful to have the opportunity to continue my learning of the wonders of Avid.

I knew I wanted to work in post when… 
All the other kids in the street were outside playing Stuck in the Mud, and I was inside animating stick figures on Flash. A couple of years later I saw The Lord of the Rings, graduated high school, and enrolled in Film School. 

My first break in the industry was… 
When I got my first film job as Director's Assistant to Roland Joffe. He hired me because I shared his love of storyboarding and film scores. Coming from a very small suburban town, all I could think was, "I've found my people!" I think I will always feel instant kinship with every filmmaker I meet.

The thing I love most about editing is… 
Looking for the rhythm, and the feeling when you've found it after the first few tries. 

The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is… 
When you no longer have fresh eyes, walk away, take a decent break, and then come back to it. If that doesn't work, I'm a big fan of forcing fresh perspective by Flopping the entire film - it forces me to watch the narrative rather than my cutting, which in turn tells me what I need to know about my editing. 

If I wasn’t in postproduction I’d be… 
An Astrophysicist. 



Matt Jelly, NSW

Matt Jelly is a recent graduate of Sydney Film Schools Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media with a background in 3D Animation and Multimedia. He was awarded a membership into the ASE for his work on various short films during his time at Sydney Film School and now works primarily as an Editor and Camera operator for Blue Clay Productions.

I knew I wanted to work in post when…
At a young age I was introduced to the concept of animation. The idea of bringing my sketches to life started an obsession that has only grown and deepened over the years.

My first break in the industry was… 
With the exception of a few freelance jobs my current position at Blue Clay Productions is the first real break I've had in the industry. 

The thing I love most about editing is… 
The reaction people have to the final product. The way you truly feel when viewing a film is very hard to hide, the reaction good or bad is always truthful.

The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is... 
Always undersell and over deliver! Treat everyone with respect and leave a good impression; it will play a major role in the connections you make and the opportunities you are given.

If I wasn’t in postproduction I’d be… 
Preproduction or production; I love every aspect of film and television and will always find a way to be part of it. If that wasn't possible then probably a brilliant detective with a haunted past or a saviour unplugged from a digital reality.


Meet The Committee: Martin Elliot, VIC

Chris Hocking is one of the founders and Technical Directors at Melbourne-based production company LateNite Films. He was previously the Post Production Supervisor at the award-winning editing house The Butchery, and their sister company The Refinery. 

I knew I wanted to work in post when…
I went to Swinburne University and discovered that the real magic of movie-making happens very late at night in the edit suites. You have a whole heap of footage on a bunch of drives, and regardless on how good or bad the footage is, you know by the end of the semester you need to hand over something that's watchable. 

My first break in the industry was…
Working as an Animatronics Technician on the BBC Kids Live Event & Television Show, The Tweenies

The highlight of my career so far…
Shooting a feature film within three days.

I was inspired to join the ASE committee…
Because this industry is all about teamwork. The Australian film industry is so tiny, yet has so much potential - but to sell our content to a global audience, we all need to step it up a notch and work together to create something truly unique and brilliant. 

The ASE is important…
Because it supports both industry veterans and young up-and-comers. The only way young editors will really learn their craft is if they're mentored and inspired by the current industry leaders.


Meet The Sponsor: Two Dogs TV

Two Dogs TV have been an ASE Gold Sponsor for several years now. The support is not surprising considering Managing Director David Cole is also an editor of immense experience, who gives a whale of an awards announcement come the annual Ellie Awards! We caught up with him recently to find out what Two Dogs have been up to of late. 
You’ve had a wide variety of projects in house over the last 12 months. How does Two Dogs approach different workflows?

Yes, it’s been pretty busy here. We’ve delivered over 80hrs of Television content in the first 6 months of 2014, spanning over 17 different series, from TV drama, to documentary and reality TV. 

Whilst every show/series was likely shot on a different camera format, our approach to each is mostly the same. No matter the size of the show, we run camera, ingest and grade tests, then output these to both tape and high resolution files and have it QC’d to ensure that whatever is recorded in the field maintains its integrity through our post pipeline, before principle photography commences. Even if the pathway for a series is the same as the previous year, we do the tests anyway.
We are now mostly recommending transcoding down to DNx36 for offline and relinking to the RAW or AVID Nearline files for finishing. We used to work at native resolution throughout, but have found AVID performance to be more stable at the lower HD codec, especially on large multi camera reality shows.

Under the guidance of our in house Post Production Supervisor Murray North, we pay particular attention to astutely managing the redundancy and integrity of the data shot all productions. Another key consideration is creating an intuitive workflow and experience for everyone hanging off the centralised media files. From producers & directors viewing dailies on set, to the post producers and writers viewing rushes in the facility, we try and engineer as simple and efficient workflow as possible.

Has there been a particular project that’s been different to the norm? Tell us about it.

We are currently in post-production for Australia: The Story of Us 8 x 60 for SEVEN and Essential Media & Entertainment. It’s got a bit of everything: CGI, visual effects, green screen, archive and interview as well as some really stylish dramatic recreations. We are pulling the VFX shots from all around the world, as well as from local suppliers. It’s pretty exciting watching it all come together.

DOP’s Mark Wareham and Garry Phillips shot on the Sony F55, which has gained a lot of popularity recently, making use especially of the 150 fps slow-mo. They used the XAVC codec and Slog2 to get the most latitude in the grade, which we are all pretty excited about. We will be welcoming experienced colourist Olivier Fontenay, to the facility for the first time for this series, so we are very much looking forward to the finishing phase over the next few months.

Is there any new equipment or staff in house to tell us about?

We have recently completed building a new high end 5.1 TV mixing suite. It’s going to be perfect for our next TV drama series The Principal which we are undertaking later in the year for Essential Media & Entertainment and SBS. We are currently finishing a feature documentary in there for cinema release early next month.

In other Two Dogs news, we are also looking to set up a small boutique facility in Los Angeles to service a few Australian producers over there, and possibly Toronto as well.

Exciting times ahead we hope!



Editors are known for their different and often interesting work spaces so we want to feature the most interesting workspace here on the eNews each month. So post your photos on the Australian Screen Editors Facebook page or email them to:

Sam Hardy, Adelaide, SA

Letter From Beijing - August 2014

by Bin Li

When I left Beijing in 1980, there were hardly any cars and the population had just hit nine million. Back then everyone had a bicycle and they came in any colour as long as it was black. There were very few restaurants and the range of food was very limited. 

Cut to 2014 and we’re working on a martial arts action feature film directed by Chen Kaige ( Farewell My Concubine ). We have an Australian director of photography, an US editor and a number of Australian crew members including the Gaffer, the DIT and VFX supervisors from Animal Logic. 



Class of 2004 - 10th Anniversary Events

EVENT REPORT: Class of 2004 NSW
DATELINE:  Sunday 3rd August 2014
THE MAIN EVENT: "Class of 2004"
VENUE: The Lord Dudley in Paddington

A good time was had by all at the ‘Class of 2004’ get together held at the Lord Dudley Hotel on Sunday 3rd of August. The event was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2004 ASE first accredited members. The editors whose milestone was celebrated are Nicholas Holmes ASE, Frans Vandenburg ASE, Alexandre de Franceschi ASE, Andrea Lang ASE, Melanie Sandford ASE, Fiona Strain ASE, Dany Cooper ASE and Kim Moodie ASE.

 Class of 2004 Event (NSW) L-R Nick Holmes ASE, Dany Cooper ASE, Alexandre de Franceschi ASE, Dr. Karen Pearlman, Andrea Lang ASE, Kim Moodie ASE, Fiona Strain ASE

EVENT REPORT: Class of 2004 VIC
DATELINE:  Sunday 3rd August 2014
THE MAIN EVENT: "Class of 2004 - VIC"
VENUE: The King of Tonga Bar, Elwood

On Sunday 3rd August – an unexpectedly lovely afternoon for winter – ASE members gathered at the King of Tonga Bar in Elwood to celebrate the 10th anniversary of accreditation for Class of 2004 (VIC)

L-R Lucy Paplinska, Steve Robinson ASE, Tim Lewis ASE (Evelyn Cronk in background), Ben Joss, Kathy Freeman, Mark Atkin ASE (Guest of Honour)


by James Sutton

So here I am. It’s Wednesday night, it’s pretty fresh outside and I’m in a nondescript building tucked away in North Sydney peering into glass cabinets. All I can see in this place is loads of gizmo’s & other assorted camera bits & bobs from a time gone by. Light meters, lenses, tripods, photo’s and camera’s. Lots of camera’s. Basically all kinds of brilliant analogue and mechanical geek-ory that will open up the inner nerd in anyone.



2014 Ellie Awards - Entries now open!

Entries are now being accepted for the 2014 Ellie Awards, all the info you need is here




Digistor Training 

BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals
9am Friday August 15 and Thursday September 11 at Digistor
Get up to speed quickly with the world's most advanced colour grading system.
Avid Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Users Bridging Course
9am Wednesday August 20th
A single day course for FCP editors that facilitates the transition to AVID Media Composer.
BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced
9am Friday 12 September at Digistor
Take the next step with the world's most advanced colour grading system.
CINEMA 4D Essentials
9am Wednesday 27th August and Monday September 29th at Digistor
CINEMA 4D is one of the most impressive 3D modelling applications and one of its greatest features is its simplicity of use.

CINEMA 4D Extension
9am Thursday 28th August and Tuesday 29th September at Digistor
This Extension day is designed for those who have experience in 3D or have completed the CINEMA 4D Essentials course.

AutoDesk Smoke
9am Date TBA
Smoke® video effects software brings editing and effects together like never before.

For further information please visit:

Digistor offers a 10% discount to ASE members for all classroom training

For further information, to take advantage of the ASE discount or to discuss alternative custom training options, please contact:
Sarah Palmer, Training Manager
02 9431 6032

After just six months in operation, Labspace’s success in Melbourne has resulted in the opening of its Sydney Apple Authorised Training Centre. It's a 5 minute walk from Circular Quay to the 34th Floor of AMP Centre where you will find our lab equipped with the latest Macs and Pro App software.

Importantly, Labspace crew are all industry gurus and carry trainer certifications from one or more of the world’s leading Professional Applications Developers.

These are some of our geniuses who make the difference:

Andy Day, Apple, Adobe, Avid and Maxon certified with over 25 years Music and Post Production experience.

Anthony Garvin, Apple Mentor and Certified Trainer with more than 15 years in music production.

Cedric Robertson, Co-Founder Labspace Australia and Apple Certified Trainer has over 28 years in the Broadcast and Production environment.
Chris Wyatt, Adobe and Apple Certified has 25 plus years in digital audio and video systems.

Not a single course goes by without the following comment in some expletive or another.  
“If I only knew that, I would have saved myself hours!”

The skills you gain on a course will takes you months online!


Maxon Cinema 4D
C4D Certification 3 day Course (exam included)
MELBOURNE 6 - 8 September  09h30 - 17h30

C4D Cineware Integration with Adobe CC
MELBOURNE  7 - 8 September 18h00 - 21h00

Apple Logic Pro X
LPX 3 Day (exam included)
SYDNEY 29 - 31 August  09h30 - 17h30

Apple Final Cut Pro X
FCPX Professional Post Production 3 Day (exam included)
SYDNEY 29 - 31 August 09h30 - 17h30

Adobe Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro XOver for FCP7 & Avid experienced editors 1 Day
Premiere Pro 250 2 Day Course
Premiere Pro 101 Certification 3 Day Course
Premiere Pro Advanced Power 2 Day Course
Sydney and Melbourne - see numerous dates on website
Bookings, course descriptions and dates, go to:

Do ASE members get a discount?  What a question - 10%!

Do we do on site and bespoke training? Love doing it.

you’re welcome to ping me at   

Cedric Robertson
Apple Certified Trainer


 AFTRS Open logo



AFTRS OPEN has a wide variety of short courses in the coming months. All courses are taught by industry experts in AFTRS Open’s state of the art facilities in Sydney. August Highlights include: INTRODUCTION TO AFTER EFFECTS, PREMIERE PRO FOR FCP EDITORS, TV ASSISTANT EDITOR plus ADVANCED EFFECTS WITH PREMIERE PRO CC. In  September there’s ADVANCED AFTER EFFECTS, INTRODUCTION TO PREMIERE PRO and AVID FOR FINAL CUT PRO EDITORS and in October AVID MC V7:101. That’s just a small taste of courses on offer! 
To view all AFTRS Open short courses visit the website:

ASE members receive a 10% Discount on all AFTRS Open short courses.


AFTRS is offering a slate of new, accessible and flexibly delivered tertiary Award courses for 2015.
The all-new courses offer specialist, skills-based content and are taught by industry practitioners. All the courses are FEE-HELP approved and, apart from the Advanced Diploma in Radio, are part-time. Some of these exciting new courses are delivered 100% online – so you can study at a time that suits you. More courses will continue to be added all the time.
Visit the AFTRS website for full list of courses on offer for 2015:
AFTRS Open Day is on Saturday September 6, 10am-3pm:


Studying at a practical, industry-focused place like Metro Screen can be a critical part of your development as a screen storyteller.  Upcoming courses include: INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE PREMIERE EDITING - In just 4 days you’ll have a basic introduction to editing using Adobe Premiere in a small class on computers with the latest versions and a highly-qualified industry professional tutor.  For the early bird discount book by 1 Sept, course starts 20 Sept. Also COLOUR GRADING, FINAL CUT PRO TO ADOBE PREMIERE IN 2 DAYS, FINAL CUT PRO TO AVID IN 2 DAYS, INTRO TO AVID EDITING, see our website for details:


How I Became a 25-year-old Curmudgeon

Filmmaking Advice from the Editors Behind the Summer Blockbuster

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