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Screen Editors
eNEWS #66  - OCTOBER 2015

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The Ellie awards...less than 8 weeks away!
Dear Members,

Well it's just ridiculous when you realise that we are already in the last quarter of the year and less then 8 weeks away from The Ellie Awards. Currently judges are deliberating over award submissions. Having been involved for the last few years it really is something I look forward to. Often done over Skype, with an editor or 2 you may not know. It's simply a great way to gain insight into the different perspectives we as editors have. And let's face it, judging editing isn’t necessarily easy, but I often come away from that final deliberation having learnt something new from my colleagues about the art of what we do. Good luck to all those who have submitted, nominations should be announced by early November.

If you’re a Facebook user you may have noticed a new ASE page show up in your feed recently. This has been set up by our latest NSW committee member, Scott Walmsley who has taken on the role of boosting our social media presence and producing our social bible. First stop has been this page which will be regulated more strictly then the public group page. If you haven’t joined it head over to:

And encourage your colleagues to do the same (share, share share!). This will be our official page from here on in and Scott is all over updating it with posts about the guild; including job alerts, interesting articles, event details and other items (including amazing pics of your exec committee packing award entries a few weeks ago ;). This is just the start of encouraging more participation amongst members, so a big thank you to Scott for taking this on.

Finally, we are still hard at work developing a rate card for freelancers. This tricky task is being handled with gusto by Jenny Hicks and James Sutton and we plan to have something released in the coming months. If you have any thoughts or experience on the subject do shoot us an email:  There has been much discussion on how best to tackle this. The NZ Editors Guild for example have one rate that they encourage people to use as a benchmark, whilst in the UK it’s a much more detailed card, offering different levels across different fields. Both James and Jenny have certainly put a lot of time and energy into this and are getting very close to deciding on a model, so the time is now if you’d like to put 2 cents in about structure before it's locked down.

That’s it for me this months folks, back to the cave!


Deborah Peart ASE
ASE President 

State Updates


On Sunday 13 September, we hosted Sue Schweikert ASE at the Griffith Film School for a fascinating look at her career and editing craft. A great masterclass with one of the best commercial editors in Australia! Big thanks to Sue for taking the time to share her wealth of editing wisdom, tell so many wonderful stories and for showing lots of terrific clips.

We made darn sure to record the event and I’m pleased to announce you can now view the whole shindig here:
Many thanks to Gary Schweikert (Sue’s husband) for cutting this together. Thanks also to my fellow QLD committee member Simon Smith who helped capture the event.

Mark your calendars! We’re having a Christmas party at 6pm on Thursday November 5th at Fringe Bar in Fortitude Valley. See invite below. We’re thrilled that this is a collaboration between four local guilds: ASE, ACS, AWG and ASSG. Don’t miss what’s bound to be a fun and top notch opportunity to meet and network with some of the finest screen practitioners in Queensland. Entry fee: $5 for guild members, $10 for non-members. Make sure to RSVP by Nov 2!!


Festival Awards
EARLY WINTER (feature)
Winner 2015 Venice Days Award, Italy
Editor: Geoff Lamb
Director: Michael Rowe
FRACKMAN (feature doc)
Winner Best Doc, Balinale Intl Film Festival, Indonesia
Editors: Axel Grigor, Scott Walton, Nicolas Cuellar
Dir Richard Todd
DOUBLE BLIND NO. 1 (experimental short)
Winner Best Experimental, LA Art House Festival, USA
Editor: Kerry Farrell
Directors: Zenon Kohler, Jasper St Aubyn West, Ian Anderson, Ricky Marks, Raoul Teague
Winner Best Picture & Audience Awards, Screen It Film Festival,
Winner Audience Choice Awards, Capricorn Film Festival

Editor: Matthew Sawyer
Directed by Tony Walsh
Merit Award, Best Shorts Competition, USA
Editor: Luke Richards
Director: Dee Dee Shi
Watch Out For:
Editor: Lisa Domrow
Until Next time,

Axel Grigor
Queensland Chair


South Australia

Summer has arrived in South Australia and it’s gettin’ hot down here. The Adelaide Film Festival opened last week with Scott Hicks’ feature documentary Highly Strung, edited by Sean Lahiff and Scott Gray ASE. Karen McKay was on the editorial team as well and it was well received in front of the near capacity crowd at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Bryan Mason has edited four films screening at this years festival: Sam Klemke’s Time Machine, Michelle’s Story, Upside Down Feeling and My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling. Sean has The Pack and his short film Too Dark also screening at the festival this year and Cleland Jones edited the short film Criticism, which will be showing as part of the Made in SA showcase. 

The Adelaide Film Festival this year is a host to many fantastic films cut by some of Australia’s best editors. Please don’t be shy, get along and support the cinema from our state, country and beyond.

We have an event knocking on our doorstep – A Day In The Wasteland with Wastelander Panda. The editor of the series - David Scarborough, along with the other key creatives, will talk us through the creation of their cult hit. Book tickets here:

David Scarborough is also currently Assembling and Assisting on the feature film currently shooting here in Adelaide - Boys In The Trees.

Wolf Creek the TV series has just begun shooting with a band of merry misfits behind the AVID keyboards - Stephen Evans, Sean Lahiff, Karen McKay, David Birrell and Jack Smith. Karen McKay is also working on the documentary film Embrace with visiting Editor from interstate Lindi Harrison. Embrace has been supported by Rosie O’Donnell, Zooey Deschanel, Ashton Kutcher and Ricki Lake among others – check out the great extended trailer here:

Sam Matthews is at the helm of a big RAA campaign which is keeping her busy and as other productions gear up to roll cameras in S.A, finally we’re seeing a bit of action down-under!

Sam Hardy - Director and Editor, is very excited to have just released FANDOM! - A five-part documentary series that follows several devoted fans of pop-culture, it explores how their lives have been changed and influenced. Daleks, Comics, Collectibles and Cosplay. FANDOM! explores what it takes to be a fan. It was directed by Sam Hardy, produced by K9 Media and funded by the Media Resource Centre's 'Let's make WebTV' initiative which was provided by Screen Australia.

It is a fantastic series, a 'must watch' - YouTube channel link:

The ASE eNEWS is a fantastic way for us to share what we’re up to with our community of Editors in the South and all around Australia. Folks of Adelaide, please get in touch with if you have news you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you and what you’re up to. A wise man once said something like… “it’s not what your guild can do for you, it’s what you can do for your guild”.  Thanks Jas.

Sean Lahiff
South Australian Chair



See what the Hollywood Reporter thinks crew members get paid. Editors not mentioned, but it’s worth a look.


As a result of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG) registration under the Fair Work Act, it is now the official union to be consulted for a non-objection letter for directors for a 420 Visa. Up until now only one union has been in this position, the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance. They have been the sole union providing non-objection letters for all visas for anyone entering Australia to work.

The ADG’s status as a union means it is the “relevant union” for screen directors. This will cover all screen directors whether in television commercials, music videos, documentaries, feature films, television drama, etc.

Under the Visa regulations, any production that wishes to bring in a non- Australian director to direct anything for the screen must apply to the ADG for a non-objection letter to support their application for a 420 Visa.

The ADG is affiliated with a number of director’s guilds and unions around the world and this latest recognition by the Federal Government cements its position as the only union that truly represents Australian screen directors. WRNUGDQJJT.html 

Five Editors that Broke the Hollywood System - courtesy of Jenny Ward


The buzz is building for Oscar Nominations for Mad Max: Fury Road post production crew, led by Editor Margaret Sixel. Read the latest here: 





to be held at:

The Seminar Room,
Paddington Woollahra RSL
220-232 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW
Saturday 21st November, 2015 at 3:00pm

  • Confirmation of minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Election of Executive Committee and office bearers
  • General business to be put to the floor


The Annual General Meeting may be attended by all members, ex-members and non-members. A quorum for the AGM is deemed to be 9 full members.

Only financial FULL members are entitled to stand for positions on the committee.

Only financial FULL members are entitled to vote on resolutions and in elections.

Members may vote in person or by proxy. To vote by proxy, the proxy form must be completed and signed by the member, assigning his or her vote to another full member or committee member in attendance.

Proxy forms must be received by the Returning Officer at least four days before the date of the AGM, or presented by proxies at the meeting. – Click here for Proxy form

Call for nominations (You can nominate yourself) – Click here for Nomination form

Nominations are invited for the following positions on the Executive Committee:

- President
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Up to 11 other Committee members

Nominations must be received in writing by 17th November 2015

We need dynamic, self-motivated people to run this organisation.

The Executive Committee meets one evening a month in Sydney and is responsible for determining Australian Screen Editors Guild policy, organising events, training sessions, screenings etc.

Committee members are expected to make reasonable efforts to attend these meeting and to be available to participate in telephone and email discussions between meetings where required.

For more information call Margaret Slarke on (02) 9380 6945 or email

If you have information that you would like published in INDUSTRY NEWS or WHAT'S ON, whatever state you live in, please email



Meet The Member: Lama Dabbagh (NSW)

Hi, my name is Lama Dabbagh. I am passionate about story telling in Screen Editing and I love what I do. I graduated last year from Post Production Scholarship at Metro Screen where I had hands on experience and learnt everything that happens in post-production, which lead me to an excellent opportunity interning as an Edit Assistant and learning the workflows in reality television. It was a fun experience and I didn't want it to end - it lead me to my first gig.
I knew I wanted to work in post when… I started my studies in Film & Television at North Sydney TAFE, I always looked forward to the editing classes the most. During my first experience, I remember sitting in front of an edit suite while I was capturing rushes using a tape deck; I thought this was so cool, when it came to organising my browser in Final Cut Pro, syncing the vision and sound; I was so fascinated, when it came to the fun part which is editing; I was blown away, since then I had no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what I want to do, it felt so right.
My first break in the industry was… Last year after my studies at Metro Screen, I got my first gig in Television as an Edit Assistant on a reality TV show and am currently working there. It has been an excellent opportunity and I imagine myself as a sponge to absorb as much as I can to learn about the industry. I am excited about evolving and stepping up the ladder, also looking forward to see where my journey will lead me. 
The thing I love most about editing is… The story telling process and how it can be told in so many ways, the creativity and techniques that goes into it has so many different styles which I think makes it so fun and exciting, it never gets boring, every time you tell a story you evolve and grow as an editor, the passion keeps growing. 
The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is… Be yourself and never give up, trust your passion and dreams through ups and downs, at the end of the day it is hard work although it is so rewarding.

If I weren’t in post production I’d be… In Film & TV production as a Camera Operator or Photography.

Meet The Committee: David Fosdick McGrath (WA CHAIR)

I began working in post-production back in the days of sprockets and hot splicers. My first job was in 1970 with the ABC in Melbourne neg-matching Bellbird -  a very early Aussie soapy. 45 years later I am still in love with the magic that happens in the edit room – the technology has certainly evolved but the issues around story-telling remain the same. Every project I work on teaches me something new, either in terms of editing techniques or managing the relationship between the story and the perspectives of the various stakeholders.  One of my early editing mentors at the ABC introduced me to the sport of gliding in 1971 and these 2 passions compete for my time, although one pays the bills and the other doesn’t. If I am not in the edit suite I am more than likely to be soaring 6000 feet above the WA wheat-belt hunting for thermals. It is a great antidote to 40 hours in a sometimes dark and windowless room.

When I start a project… I always feel a little nervous. It is a great responsibility to be entrusted to partner in the creation of a story that a director and producer have nurtured for so long before asking for your contribution.

When I finish a project… It usually takes a week to 10 days before I notice that I have stopped thinking about the problems that had to be solved and whether I really got the best out of the material.

It makes my day when… A commissioning editor offers sensible and constructive criticism that actually improves the story.
I hide under my desk when… Playing a timeline at a screening and the “real time” effects have to be re-rendered to stop them skipping frames – so annoying, so embarrassing.

I love the editing in… The Affair, a US series on Showtime. Great scripts, great acting, great story structure, capped off with excellent editing.

The ASE has... Provided a supportive forum for the editing fraternity here in Perth. Despite the advent of the digital age, the tyranny of distance and sense of isolation is still quite palpable in WA. Regular meetings of our local members and consultation with the national committee has helped to create a sense of community and shared ideals.



Jarrett Fijal
Jarrett Fijal has edited music videos for the likes of David Bowie, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, and edited commercials for companies such as American Express, Diesel, Reebok and Smirnoff. He's been nominated for seven MTV Movie Awards and won three, and has been nominated for an MVPA award.


The ASE is on Facebook! Visit and like the page to join the online community!

Adelaide Film Festival winners announced

A SEXY documentary about female racing drivers in Palestine, Speed Sisters, has been named best documentary at the Adelaide Film Festival, while a Brazilian drama about a handsome rodeo rider, Neon Bull, won best international feature and the $25,000 prize.

Cannes: 'Sicario' Editor Joe Walker on His First Collaboration With Denis Villeneuve (Q&A)

Sicario - the drug cartel thriller starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Bencio del Toro that makes its world premiere Tuesday in competition at Cannes - is director Denis Villeneuve’s first collaboration with Oscar nominated editor Joe Walker.

The approachable British editor is perhaps best known for his Academy Award-nominated work on Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. He has actually cut all of McQueen’s movies to date, including Shame and 2008 Camera d'Or winner Hunger.

Postapocalyptic Post: Editing and Finishing AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead'



The Australian Directors Guild (ADG), in association with the Directors Guild of America, will host two MEET THE DIRECTOR events in November with Thomas Schlamme, the acclaimed US television director and producer. Recognised for his ground-breaking work on US television dramas, Thomas Schlamme is credited with creating the look of such hit series as The West Wing, Spin City, The Larry Sanders Show, Boston Public and Parenthood

The MEET THE DIRECTORS events will take place at Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney on Thursday 5 November and at ACMI in Melbourne on Monday 9 November. The events will give those directly involved with the industry here in Australia, as well as fans of Schlamme’s work and of TV drama in general, a unique insight into the creation of some of world’s best shows and the role of the TV director as an important creative artist in the production of television drama. 

The ADG is offering members of other guilds discounted prices for both sessions, in Sydney and Melbourne. Make sure to to receive the promo code for the Sydney session.

BUY TICKETS for the Sydney Meet The Director HERE!
BUY TICKETS for the Melbourne Meet The Director HERE!

2016 AFTRS Master of Screen Arts and Graduate Certificates

Australia's national screen and broadcast school is offering the following postgraduate courses for 2016:
•   Graduate certificates in Editing, Documentary, Screenwriting and Directing.
•   Master of Screen Arts (Opening Soon)
AFTRS will be holding a postgraduate information evening on Wednesday, October 28 at 6pm and will be streaming the session on periscope and on the AFTRS website.
Full details on how to watch the streams are available on the AFTRS website as are times and all other relevant details.




Appointment of highly experienced solutions architect extends Digistor's services capabilities

Digital media integration specialist, Digistor Pty Ltd, has appointed Patrick Trivuncevic to the company's Services Team as Solutions Architect and Senior Systems Engineer.

Drawing on Patrick's experience, this appointment extends Digistor's ability to design, build and support outstanding technology solutions for VFX and post facilities, broadcasters and digital media professionals.

"Taking a digital production system from an idea to a completed facility that produces and manages quality content is not simple," stated Patrick. "Even upgrading your existing technologies to keep up with the latest developments can be a challenge. These are the challenges I thrive on and why I joined Digistor."

Deep Experience in Solutions Design and Support

Most recently, Patrick held the position of Senior Systems Engineer at data storage company, DDN, where he was instrumental in winning the storage tender for the largest super computer in the Southern Hemisphere and led and project managed numerous storage upgrades and roll-outs. In this position, and as Head of Engineering at Future Reality, he consulted directly with clients to design and implement high bandwidth storage solutions, cutting edge colour correction systems, and optimised workflows for media production and management.

In a career spanning eighteen years, Patrick has excelled in pre- and post-sales support of specialised technology solutions in High Performance Computing, Research and Education, Cloud, Content and Media.

Digistor Consulting & Services

Digistor customers look to the company to provide three critical things:
  • keep their day-to-day operations running
  • keep their technology up to date
  • find ways to take their business somewhere new.
As Solutions Architect and Senior Systems Engineer, Patrick will be instrumental in assisting the Services Team deliver the pre- and post-sales services to satisfy these requirements. This will include initial consulting and scope of works, then roll-out, commissioning and training and then on-going support services and service-level agreements to ensure customers are productive and can maximise their creativity, unhindered by technical issues or limitations.

Realising the Vision

Digistor's range of services include defining solutions for new facilities, managing upgrades, relocating facilities, training, standard operating environment development and roll-out, project management and on-going service level agreements. Patrick will be involved in all aspects of this service delivery and management.

"Our customers have a vision for their business, but not how to design a first-class digital production facility that can take them there," explained Digistor Managing Direct, Andrew Mooney. "Our Services team, now expanded with the appointment of Patrick, makes sure they get the best and most suitable equipment, software, services and expert advice from people who know the technology and can translate the vision into reality."


AFTRS Open logo



ASE Members receive a 10% industry discount on all AFTRS Open short courses.

Nuke Foundation is in October & November highlights include: Intro to After Effects, Intro to Premiere Pro and Colour Grading & Effects with Premiere Pro. In December we have Nuke Intermediate and 10-day Summer School TV Editing Intensive is next January  - a chance to learn skills over the summer holiday period and receive official Avid-certification.
For course details visit the AFTRS Open website:


Introduction to After Effects for Broadcast Graphics

This weekend intensive provides a detailed introduction to desktop compositing for broadcast using Adobe After Effects CC. After Effects is the most commonly used graphics program in Australia for the preparation of broadcast design/graphics in TV.

7 - 8 November:

ASE members receive a 10% Discount on all AFTRS Open short courses.


Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals Course – Dates Available October & November
DaVinci Resolve is the world’s most advanced color grading system. With DaVinci you get the system that’s used on more feature films and television programming worldwide. DaVinci Resolve is also perfect for episodic television production, high-end feature film work, commercials, independent films, music videos and more!


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