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eNEWS #45  -  NOVEMBER 2013

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The 2013 Ellie Awards - Tickets on sale now!

Greetings Editing Colleagues,
The 2013 ASE Awards nominations have been announced across all ten categories. Congratulations to all Nominees! And thank you to all Judges for your eye.
Tickets are now available for 'The Ellies', hosted by comedian Jean Kittson.
For the Full list of Nominees visit:

Remember, if you're a Nominee - we need your excerpt clip for the awards by Nov 17 !!
For details, please check the email sent to you on Nov 7.  You'll receive another reminder soon.

The NSW events finished on a high this year, with Gold Sponsor Videocraft generously hosting a free AVID training evening for ASE Members, specialising in audio editing. 
Also Gold Sponsor Adobe, in conjunction with the ACS, hosted a wonderful screening of the feature documentary 'Red Obsession', including an insightful Q&A with Editor Paul Murphy and DP Steve Arnold ACS.  
See below for all State Reports...

Our Vice President Melanie Annan is hanging up the boots after an incredible eight years on the ASE Executive Committee. An astounding five of those as ASE Vice President. As most of you know, Mel has been the absolute backbone of the ASE's behind the scenes dealings. She has been an incredibly valuable and tireless Committee Member 
 who is extraordinarily generous with her personal time.
I wish Mel the very best in the next chapter of her career and life, now residing in Los Angeles.
With sincere gratitude, "thank you Mel for supporting me too".

And now one final message...after three prosperous years, this eNews is my last serving as ASE President. This period has been a wonderful journey, gaining a first hand insight into the strength of our editing community. The collaboration with such brilliant folk as the Executive and State Committees has come as a tremendous support. Their dedication and generosity of time is second to none. My greatest thanks goes to our greatest asset, ASE Administrator Margaret Slarke, to whom we owe everything!

NEWS FLASH: Results from Saturday's ASE AGM.
Please welcome our new ASE President Dany Cooper ASE and ASE Vice President Deb Peart. Congratulations Ladies! The ASE is in strong command for a prosperous 2014.

Remember, it really is a matter of "what can you do for your community?".
Please let us know what you'd like to contribute or make available to share.
Let's find great comfort in supporting each other.

Jason Ballantine ASE
(now ex) ASE President 


State Updates


2013 is turning into a bumper year for the Victorian branch of the ASE.

We've gone from "How to be a Freelancer" with committee member Belinda Fithie, to editing "The Great Gatsby", through to "Cutting Crime", just to mention a few events. And we still have our Xmas drinks to come.
We also welcomed four new committee members in;
Shan Jayaweera, Steven Baras-Miller, Chris Hocking and Lucy Paplinska. 

I would like to thank all our committee members for their hard work this year. It is not easy giving up your time to help out the guild, while working and trying to run a life.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for big announcements in next month's edition.

Steven Robinson ASE
Victorian chair


The ASE would like to welcome aboard a new committee member in South Australia – Sam Matthews.

Sam has been at KOJO since 2008 and works as an editor, designer, and colourist across short and long form projects. This year has seen him grading and finishing children's action/comedy series Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures.

In ASE Ellie Award Nomination news for S.A, David Banbury has been nominated for best editing in a documentary program for Buckskin, which aired last month on the ABC - congrats David.

We have booked our ASE Christmas Sundowners Rendezvous for Wednesday the 18th of December at the Maid and Magpie hotel in Stepney. We’re looking forward to wishing well 2013 and bringing in 2014.

Sean Lahiff
South Australian chair


Meet the ASE Community

Meet The Member: Scott Walton

Scott studied Architecture and then transitioned through video installation in the '90's, theatre set design, live band installation, music videos, short films, short form documentary to long form documentary and finally feature drama. Scott is a self-taught editor with over 15 years experience.

I knew I wanted to work in post when… In high school I shot and edited a super8 film clip to a DEVO song, then 15 years later I got to meet and work with them at their Livid festival performance... I didn't think life could get any better!

My first break in the industry was… Short Form: Being asked to make our first music video for Powderfinger's song Passenger. In those days I wore many hats: director/animator/Editor
Long Form: Russell Crowe asked me to shoot and edit his actor’s journey documentary of James Braddock in Ron Howard's movie Cinderella Man.

The thing I love most about editing is… Personally I love the collaboration of editor and director as a creative team.
The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is… Patience and perseverance are the greatest virtues... and don't be resistant to making bold changes right to the bitter end.
If I weren’t in post production I’d be… Maybe gardening if I was lucky...

Meet The Member: Geoff Lamb

Geoff Lamb is a Queensland based drama editor with over twenty years experience. Living in Brisbane has meant a fair bit of interstate travel – good thing he doesn’t mind a drive.

I knew I wanted to work in post when… I chose Film and TV as a “Bludge” subject in High School, next I had the keys to the edit suit and was sleeping there – a habit I am still yet to break.
My first break in the industry was…  A good mate made his living from catching/selling camels. I helped out as much as possible, especially when catching was involved. Camel racing was listed as an interest on my otherwise unimpressive CV. It was this that grabbed the attention of an American editor Nicholas Brown. He hired me for two weeks to sync rushes on the film Lightning Jack while they shot  at the Gold Coast Studios. Post production was then heading to Melbourne for several months where they would look for another assistant. So I drove to Melbourne. I was lucky to assist Nick on another two films before he retired.
The thing I love most about editing is… Everything else in the world seems to become irrelevant.
The best tip I’ve got for aspiring editors is… Your last job needs to be your best job. Have good posture, and get outside once and while.

If I weren’t in post production I’d be… one of those miserable people that hate going to work everyday, or a Full-Time Dad.

Meet The Committee: Shan Jayaweera (VIC)

Shan Jayaweera has worked as a television actor, a stand up comedian and puppeteer (including the feature film Where The Wild Things Are). After studying film theory and doing a lot of theatre  at Melbourne University he found himself dabbling in film making. An experience working on the digital story program at ACMI (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image) gave him an interest in documentary film-making. He studied documentary film at the Victorian College of the Arts where he developed a passion for editing (volunteering to edit as many films as possible). He found work editing football for the Fox Footy Channel. He has since worked in the ABC newsroom as an editor and studio director. After three years working at Fox Sports he now works as a freelancer and has spent the past year working at Channel 7 and AFL media. He was also assistant editor on the SBS series Dirty Business: How Mining Made Australia and is editing his first documentary - The Forest For The Trees.

I specialise in… Given the majority of my work has been working in sport I'd have to say that. I trained in documentary film making at the Victorian College of the Arts and have worked on documentaries now too. As a freelance editor I've been called in to work on children's programs and light entertainment shows. Before that I worked in a newsroom but its always been sport - in particular AFL Football - that has been my main source of income (part of that I guess is to do with working in Melbourne which is steeped in sporting culture and AFL is pretty much the main religion).

My first break in the industry was…
Sending a letter to the then brand new Fox Footy Channel in Melbourne in 2001 telling them I had a passion for football and non linear editing (there are lots of people with a passion for one or the other but fewer people who are into both). To my amazement I got a call a few days later asking me to come in. I was taken around, then given a job digitizing footage after hours and assemble editing shows for senior editors to tidy up in the morning. That job lasted 2 months before they cut me saying they were running over budget. So at the start of the next season I sent them another letter and found myself back there as a full time employee again working after hours but this time actually cutting programs that went to air - each night I'd have to cut two 15 minute club shows with printed instructions left by producers and footage that had been shot on mini dv by footballers. I had to do the sound mix, do all the graphics and made sure it ran to length - it was cut on an imac out the back with one of those little dv decks attached. It was a fantastic place to learn about editing.

The highlight of my career so far… While I love working at Channel Seven now and previously worked at Fox Sports and the ABC - my highlight would be working as an assistant editor last year on the SBS series Dirty Business - How mining made Australia. The content was fascinating, the vision they shot and sourced from the archive was compelling and I got to work with both Steven Robinson and Bill Murphy - two veteran editors who were really generous with their time and knowledge. I like the collaborative aspect of film making and I got to see that in action and be part of it. The knowledge I learned about editing and telling a real life story I am getting to put into practice editing my first documentary The Forest For The Trees (an independent documentary about the community campaign to save the rainforests from logging in the Otway Ranges in Victoria - the sort of story I am really passionate about).
I was inspired to join the ASE committee… Well I was encouraged by both Steven Robinson and Steven Baras-Miller (who I often bumped into at the ABC) to join the committee. I have less experience and contacts than most of the other committee members so my contribution this year has been in writing up the event reports. This has actually been really beneficial for me as an editor as I have to attend the great events we put on and take notes on what's been said and really absorb the material to write it up for the newsletter. I have found myself taking on and using tips and techniques other editors have spoken about at these events.

The ASE is important… The idea that we as editors have an organisation we can turn to is vitally important. The craft of editing is a little under threat from the march of technology (this is not new as editors who used to cut on Steenbeck flatbeds remind me) - most producers and networks would argue now that any kid on a computer can cut something together (which they sort of can) but there is an art to putting together images and footage to tell a story and I fear that could be lost or at least devalued by people in production trying to do more and more for less and less. Several newsrooms around Australia now get journalists to edit their stories - while this cuts the number of staff on the payroll it dramatically effects the quality of the news bulletin as people who are not trained to visually tell the story are doing just that. This also means fewer eyes going over the story (and I, like most newsroom editors, could tell you that we pick up mistakes made by journalists and producers on a regular basis). With the availability of editing software and the "more for less" mentality it is really important to have an organization that can fight for our rights. Another reason why I would encourage young film makers and people starting off a career in editing to join is that the events we hold give you an insight into where you would like to be working and puts you directly into contact with those people. Here in Melbourne over the last few months we've had nights where we have heard directly from the editors of many feature films and television programs explaining how they go about their work and their processes. You can't get that knowledge anywhere else.

Be IN 'meet the member'!

If you are interested in being featured in the 'Meet the ASE Community' section of our eNews, please contact:

Event Report

DATELINE: OCT 31st 2013
THE MAIN EVENT: Videocraft Media Composer Training Session
VENUE: Videocraft Sydney, NSW

Videocraft hosted a training evening to demonstrate some of the new and more interesting features of Avid Media Composer v7 to ASE members.  
Our demonstrators were Drew and James. At Videocraft Drew is the Avid Media Composer person and James is one of the go-to people for all things audio and Pro Tools.  The night was a roaring success [if you could describe a hardware and software demo as such]. Videocraft generously provided the class with pizzas and sugary drinks and then began a very informative evening of instruction.
Read More


DATELINE: OCT 6th 2013
THE MAIN EVENT: Red Obesession Screening, Q&A
VENUE: ACS Headquarters North Sydney, NSW

Wednesday 6th November, Adobe presented in association with the ACS and the ASE, a special screening of Red Obsession; a documentary about winemakers, wine lovers and its buyers. One of the highlights in itself was the location - the ACS headquarters, where the screening was held. ASE members got the chance not only to meet some very welcoming ACS members, but to check out the very impressive space that the ACS now calls home.
Read More

Adobe's Jon Barrie and ACS Member Sidat de Silva with filmmakers Paul Murphy (film editor) and Steve Arnold ACS (cinematographer)


Upcoming Events


Exhibitors, seminars, workshops, networking. 
Saturday November 23rd
Abbotsford Convent
Abbotsford VIC 3067

Register to attend at

Don't miss this exciting event which features seminars from some of Australia's top industry professionals including Steven Robinson ASE (Editor - Inside the Firestorm, Kath and Kimderella) Sian Davies (Director - Offspring, Rush, Winners & Losers), Bryce Menzies (EP - Red Dog, Two Hands), Ross Hutchens (Film Victoria) and Elizabeth Coleman (Writer / Creator - Bed of Roses, Mr & Mrs Murder). 


SponsOr Updates

Digistor in association with Adimex presents a complimentary live event

Amp up your shows, not your budget, with:
The New TriCaster
The New 3Play
from NewTek

Sessions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

Full details and registration at:

The challenge for video producers today is to deliver a more content in less time, but with the level of quality and visual impact that their viewers demand.TriCaster and 3Play deliver on this challenge.

Join us for a complimentary event that combines presentations plus live demonstrations of the new TriCaster and 3Play systems from NewTek. Stick around for informal networking, in-depth question and answer with our demonstrator - plus complimentary drinks and nibbles.

This is the ideal opportunity to get an overview of the products and capabilities in a live environment. You will see the systems operated in-situ and be able to assess how they can help you improve your content, production values and distribution.

Learn how you can reach new audiences and create new business by delivering a better product more simply.

Quality Control for File-Based Media with VidCheck

VidCheck in conjunction with Digistor presents a not-to-be-missed live webinar providing a practical overview of file-based quality control in video production. The webinar will look at the market-leading solution for quality control and problem correction and from VidCheck.

Wednesday 20th of November 2013
10:00am-11:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

For details and registration go to

Digistor Training Courses

Digistor Training Centre offers a range of training both in house or onsite. We specialise in workflow and job specific training for industry professionals and can design a training programme to suit your requirements.
For a full range of available courses or for further information, visit our website or contact Sarah on 02 9431 6032 or

Avid Media Composer v7.0 for FCP Users Advanced Workshop (2 Days)
Two day advanced workshop for FCP editors that facilitates the transition to AVID Media Composer. 

Avid Media Composer v7.0 for FCP Users Bridging Day (1 Day)
Ideal for experienced editors or teams within organisations where you are looking to update from FCP to Media Composer quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your production schedule.

What’s New? - Media Composer v7.0 (1/2 Day)
½ day overview for editors looking to upgrade their skills. Take 4 hours out from your schedule to uncover the new features of v7.0.

NewTek TriCasterTraining with Greg Taylor (1 Day)
Greg Taylor is the authorised TriCaster Trainer for Australia and New Zealand. Learn how to mix camera’s, video, computer sources and graphics while creating your own custom visuals and titles. Add virtual sets, recording, streaming and more.

We offer 10% Discount on Training to all ASE members.

 AFTRS Open logo


AFTRS Open has a large number of editing and VFX courses in Sydney over the coming months.  Highlights include; Intro to After Effects and Advanced After Effects plus Summer School: Avid Media Composer 101 & 110ASE members are entitled to the 10% Industry discount for all AFTRS Open short courses. For a complete list of AFTRS OPEN short courses in Sydney and around the country visit the website

Assistant TV Editor
22 - 24 November

Advanced After Effects
23 - 25 November

Intro to After Effects for Broadcast Graphics
7 - 8 December

Premiere Pro for FCP Editors
7 December
Don’t forget ASE Members are entitled to 10% off all training courses!





How to survive editing a season of Game of Thrones

Editor Kelly Dixon: How Breaking Bad Does It


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Deluxe The Editors Avid Autodesk Blue Post
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