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Its a tradition here for families to have matching clothes. What do you think?
How are you dear friends? We have been thinking a lot about you with Corona happening and how you been coping in such times? We hope you found a way to connect with God in the middle of all of this?

Malawi remains somewhat untouched by all of this; we are too poor to have much of a response, as people must go out every day to get food, this means locking down would be impossible except airports are closed. Lots of shops put buckets of water and soap outside at the start but most of the soap disappeared soon so for the last few months they just have a bucket of dirty water sitting there.
Our canvas home at the moment as we obey the Isaiah 54:2 word 
We have been challenged to enlarge the place of our tent, we would love you to pray with us about this. YWAM has asked us to become elders in our area of nations that serve and draw together the YWAMers. After praying we said yes, seeing that our heart has already been to serve more YWAM missionary communities around Southern Africa. This means that we will be serving and visiting bases in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola. We have been elders in Malawi for some years but now we will be lengthening the chords of our tents to believe for God’s grace and provision to support and serve a wider group of YWAM bases in these 5 nations. YWAM works a bit differently to other organizations- You don’t get paid or funded by YWAM for anything you do but the more you take on the more provision and faith and you need to help those you serve. So please pray for us for more Faith!
We are still helping YWAM Blantyre but this service is now focused on supporting the leadership team who we have raised up to lead under the direction of Patrick and Dalitso Chipanda with Tom and Sarah Haig and Mike and Elubi Fred, our coworkers for the past years. It feels like kingdom fruit to have raised up the Blantyre base and 9 other YWAM locations around Malawi in these past 10 years. 10 locations in 10 years has a ring to it and we hope brings long term even eternal fruit and glory to the King!!
Fly over the YWAM Blantyre Property we have spent the past 6 years building
In the past month or so we have visited 6 YWAM bases in Malawi and Zambia. YWAM Zomba was to set up bank accounts for this pioneering base and carry out staff training in admin and teaching on the Triune God. YWAM Ntaja was the second base we planted in Malawi and we were again there to set up bank accounts and the accounting systems that go with that. Ywam Nsanama was a lovely visit for us and was a time of encouragement, as this exponentially fruitful church planting ministry is exploding through Muslim villages with awesome testimonies of how God is reaching the unreached.
Visiting the New YWAM Dzaleka refugee camp team to serve and build
As we travel to YWAM bases and other locations, please keep us in your prayers, for health, provision, and connection with the bases and most of all God. Life on the road can be stretching, staying in a trailer tent that Daniel recently built from an old axle and slightly holey (as in threadbare) fold out roof tent. The home-school books are in boxes in the car and a 12v fridge holds our meat hopefully frozen. Each community we visit has many real spiritual and financial needs so please ask if you want to give or pray with more focus. 
The refugee camp has 40,000 residents from 12 nations
We have just visited YWAM Dzaleka to set up bank accounts and help. It’s at a refugee camp (pictured here) of 40,000 people from the Congo and Burundi and other African nations. They have bought land and are believing for God to provide to start building a training centre to disciple and train refugees. We need about $75,000 for construction of phase 1 on this project to establish the training center, we have started the foundations as you can see in this picture. God will bring healing and purpose to those who have been labeled refugees but God has called his children and missionaries!
YWAM Dzaleka team has faith God will provide so they have started foundations!
We are now at YWAM Lusaka Zambia assisting the team here. Below we have included some pictures of two projects we have started helping with. Please pray for us as we serve here for fruitfulness and for God to open doors to Zimbabwe where we want to visit the YWAMers and for us to be able to rest as a family.
The Amazing team of young missionaries at YWAM Lusaka
Ben & Beth are getting tall, which I am sure is no surprise to you. Beth’s great loves at the moment are her mum, unicorns, purple dresses, rice and beans, playing Mbawu an African game with seeds and doing things that her brother can do. Ben loves his dad 😊, Minecraft, filming things, sailing, reading SO many books, especially the Green Ember series on Suzy’s kindle (which she has almost lost to him) and whittling things with his knife. He is getting big enough to help pack up the tents, though he finds it tough each time we have to move as it’s a lot of work.
Concerning better Communication & Connection, we are sending a lot of updates out on Facebook of the work that we are doing at the moment. This is my Facebook if you have not already connected with our updates. Also we are setting up a Whatsapp group to send out updates as we find we can do this much more regularly. If you want to get these, WhatsApp is free to use on your phone and you can connect with our WhatsApp numbers Daniel +265 999118926 Suzy +265 993844856

We love you and would love to hear from you
Big hugs and great grace from Zambia
Daniel Suzy Ben & Beth
At Ywam lusaka Zambia. Suzy finished stage one of the fruit tree. It's God's word for this base that a new wave of young missionaries will go from here. Pray with us. More fruit here in the name of Jesus! Father we ask for a wave of your Spirit sending thousands to the unreached!
At YWAM Lusaka Zambia. Daniel is working on a 2.4m high 800m long fence with 5 gates. The YWAM Hope clinic needs this fence in order to open. Stage one is purchasing materials and clearing 800m of bush bush! Clear the way lord! Make the way clear that our boundaries will fall (and be cemented) in pleasant places.
At last we have a bank account for the YWAM Ntaja base; which is the first base we planted 9 years ago. Also please pray for security for this base as 1/4 of the wall needs to be finished and of course more fruit of salvation in the Yao tribe!

How to Give – Financial Partnership

Send UK (£) Donations to:
The Dugmores, 1 Haven Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 0PP
make cheques to “Share Christian Fellowship” please attach a clear note saying the cheque is for us. The government kindly gives us an extra 25p for every £ you give if you are a tax payer and have filled in a gift aid form. To set up UK Direct Debit : email  Phone or WhatsApp : +265 999118926 or  CLICK HERE  to download a gift aid form and post to the Eastbourne address  above.

Send USA ($) Donations to:
The Dugmores,  2612 west 14th, North Platte, NE 69101, USA
Please make checks payable to “Daniel Dugmore” (we do have some facilities to send tax return for gifts from the USA if organized in advance. Please contact us for details before you send your gift if this would be helpful.)

PAYPAL Online Donation:
To give online you can make a donation through PAYPAL  just CLICK HERE  or you can use our paypal e-mail ID in your paypal account

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