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12 months on the road

What an epic road trip we have been on in our new role serving YWAM in South Central Africa visiting the YWAM locations to encourage their leaders and staff. We have been reviewing a bit of our trip and wanted to share it with you as a praise report.

In the past 12 months we have
Driven through 5 nations,
had 8 covid tests 
Visited 38 YWAM operating locations
Slept in 65 Beds
and driven 30756 km according to the cars milometer.

Below is a few articles showing what we have been up to in the past 6 months since we got the new car and the amazing YWAM ministries and missionaries we have been able to support because of your partnership....

We are now safely back in Malawi and here for the next 4 months resting in a nice house that we rented near the YWAM Blantyre base. We will be homeschooling the kids, helping with the discipleship school, supporting the 12 YWAM locations in Malawi especially with staff training like financial training and ministry development strategy.

Our work across South Central Africa continues and we are preparing for our next journey visiting YWAM locations again with a special desire to visit Angola, and Zimbabwe where we sent a team to re-pioneer YWAM Harare, but we have not managed to visit them yet since they went more than a year ago. We will also take YWAMs 18tonne, 25 person overland truck with us this time. This means we need to fix it as it's been sitting for more than a year, batteries are dead, roadworthy expired and insurance lapsed etc. Its probably about £3,000 to get it on the road, a good investment so more people will join us on the road in bringing revival to the nations! Please consider giving to this and the trip and keep praying! Our more regular news is sent out via Facebook like the news articles bellow. 

Prayer Requests
For growth for the kids in their education and relationships 
For wisdom in the finalization of financial systems in Malawi
For outpouring on the DTS students when we teach about Holy Spirit week 4-8 Oct
For God's wisdom and strategies for our work across south central Africa
For faith & provision to step out again at the end of the year on our 2nd missionary journey across South Central Africa. 
For open doors for us to come back to England soon. It will soon be 3 years since we were back! 

God provided through you our dear friends and ministry partners for us to buy a 5 year old Toyota Fortuner from a doctor in South Africa. It has enough leg room in the back for our son, who is quickly becoming a giant, and the smaller and most lovely and lively daughter Beth. Thank You Jesus and thank you so much for your partnership that contributed to make this possible!

YWAM Maputo, Mozambique


We arrived safely into Mozambique and spent a couple of nights with the YWAM / JOCUM Maputo base, lead by Alessandra who overflows with faith and kindness, what a leader! Also Good to see Francisco and Carla there who have served YWAM in  Mozambique so faithfully. Please hold them in your prayers for Carlas healing. Also please pray for faith and miraculous provision as the base wants to buy the property they rent. Its time to posses the land! We also ate zambuzian chicken which is soaked in coconut milk then grilled. Yummm. Its nice to spend some time in mozmbique 🤩

YWAM Chimoio, Mozambique


It was fabulous to make new friends at YWAM Jocum Chimoio Moçambique. The impact of the community projects that are already amazing will be multiplied hugely when the planned base property is built. We were honoured to stay with Govenor and Suku missionaries from Zimbabwe, our new friends who we have big respect for. It's so great to have YWAMers like them and Alexandre in our missions family. Please pray for them and their base building project.

YWAM Beira, Mozambique


Ywam Beira is ready for visitors after loads of building work bringing restoration after the cyclone. The school was one of the first to open after covid as they already had hygiene in place. The restored office and canteen will improve life for the orphans a lot. Great to be with the very hard working Olivera and his wife who was smiling and looking well. Nelio is hugely improved. Thank you for your gifts and prayers for him and for the rebuilding after the cyclone here. Please hold this team in your prayers especially for more full time staff to join the fruitful ministries.

YWAM Dondo, Mozambique


YWAM Dondo opened their hearts to us with very warm welcome and beautiful hospitality. We were encouraged by their testimony of how the YWAM family around the world especially the bases of Mozambique stood with them after the cyclone. They said that they felt so loved and close to the YWAM community as we prayed and sent support. A few of the bases beautiful palm trees still stand through the storms and this bases ministries like the Malaria lab, preschool and womens ministries have also stood strong. Please pray for God to lead them into the next season of fruitfulness and growth

YWAM Morromeu, Mozambique


We had an awesome week with the YWAM Marromeu team. It's amazing how God can connect your heart in love with his family when we meet Him together. This YWAM community are real heroes, focused on reaching one of the toughest areas in our region: the delta of the Zambezi river. Please pray for the leaders and team in a season of transition as Alison and Leanna leave for the USA after 14 years here! Please pray their kids get their necessary papers

YWAM Quelimane, Mozambique


We had an inspiring time with YWAM Quilemane. This frontier mission focused base also has a preschool and medical outreach. One of our joys in Mozambique has been seeing the fruitfulness of Brazilian missionaries that is really evident here. This YWAM community under Justino and Noami's leadership has reaching every unreached tribe always in their sights. Let's keep praying with them to see Mozambican missionaries start more explosive disciple making movements

YWAM Mecula, Mozambique


We got to spend time with one of our YWAM legends Anneke who God has used to plant 4+ bases across Mozambique over many years of focused service. I love how she always teaches me that it all happens because she simply hears God's voice and does what He says! Please pray for the Mecula base that she is planting with a team in northern Mozambique. Especially for safety and intimacy with Jesus for her and the team.

YWAM Lichinga, Mozambique


We were blessed to be connected to YWAM Lichinga in Mozambique and have these amazing people as our friends. What a fantastic week teaching the mini DTS, meeting leaders and staff, seeing the foundations of the training clinic under construction. I was struck by the number of bases that have been planted out of this YWAM community over the last year's. YWAM Lichinga has an apostolic call to plant new ministries. Pray with them for the next generation of missionaries to raise up and go out from here!
It was really life giving to visit the YWAM Cecavi Lichinga primary school. An outreach school based  in one of the poorest areas of Lichinga that's provides such quality education that government officials send their kids here for the rich areas to be educated alongside the sponsored local kids. The YWAM headmistress Sonia has served for 15+ years and the testimony of the impact of education to transform communities is so clear here! We need hundreds more YWAM schools like this one! Maybe you can be used to open a school?! Also pray for them to get a new well as their one has collapsed.
I'm encouraged but burdened after visiting Mitava, an outreach location of ywam lichinga. The property is great, the work with the old people so precious, the kids education work so needed in this community. The main staff house beautiful and almost finished. The leaders are great and have a vision to go and plant a new location. I love pioneers! BUT now they need new ywam staff to lead this very impactful work. Please ask the lord of the harvest to send some harvesters here to keep this amazing work going and take it to the next level

YWAM Itapela, Mozambique


We visited YWAM Itipela in Mozambique for just a night. It was action packed visiting the clinic that they first built and now run in partnership with the government. This clinic providing a fantastic service to the community with the maternity wing, doctors and laboratory. The primary school planted out of the YWAM Lichinga school has the cutest and very smart little learners. We love this community, so much life. Please hold them on your prayers for more wells especially for the clinic and that this international community with one mind and mouth would glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ just like in heaven!

Online regional elders meeting

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola


33 base leaders and elders from across YWAM south central Africa gathered in July for a meaningful time of connecting and amazing story telling. Ismael, one of the other area convening elders shared a timely message about the way God sets us free from grief and depression as we learn to open our soul to him and others and lament (Let me know if you want the 15min audio of this) the 5 nations shared and it was clear that God is increasing his influence through YWAM in these stretching times. So many God stories from people i count as hero's in my life but also co-laborers and friends. Praise God!

Blantyre and Thantwe School, Malawi


It was fantastic to be back with friends at YWAM Blantyre for a few days, to meet the new headmaster at the school, to see the beautiful Amariah the Haigs new baby. To see the new rooms being built. To hear about all the new ministries. Wow! We probably needed a rest after weeks on the road but we were so excited to see friends we probably overdid it lol. Was having so much fun I forgot to take many pictures. YWAM Blantyre and our family in your prayers.

YWAM Two seeds, Malawi


I had a great time with the leaders of YWAM Two seeds It is one of the best parts of traveling to hear the testimonies of all God is doing. It was an honour to hear the impact and community involvement in this project that sows the two seeds of spiritual and physical development. Please pray for YWAM Malawi, YWAM Blantyre and YWAM To Seeds as we work together to see this awesome ministry become of even greater impacts on multiple generations for decades to come.

YWAM Zomba, Malawi


Wow YWAM Zomba is in week 4 of their first DTS. So proud of them stepping out in faith and great to see visitors from Denmark speaking and Decent and Nardia dropping past. Patience the Phalombe base leader is here while his wife does DTS. So much life and growth and lovely people. It was our honour to teach the DTS students about Intercessions and spiritual warfare. Please pray for provision and grace for the DTS students and staff now on outreach.

YWAM Dzaleka, Malawi


After recovering from Malaria I visited YWAM Dzaleka near Lilongwe in Malawi. The ministries are doing well, the staff team is growing, loads of volunteers as well. I am humbled to say after 7 years of building so many properties for YWAM in Malawi, this is going to be the most quality beautiful building YWAM has in Malawi, built by the refugees of Congo and Burundi! Well done YWAM Dzaleka! We are so proud of all that you are doing! Please pray for this team especially for provision for feeding their growing volunteer team that their farming vision would be fruitful and feed many
It was a powerful time with Tresor and Falone the base leaders of YWAM Dzaleka in Malawi. We organised a leaders retreat for them at lake Malawi so they could rest, debrief and prepare for the next season of growth and development at the refugee camp. Wonderful to see our kids play together and to invest in a couple that we believe are going to be so fruitful for so many refugees. Please especially pray for their kids Oindi and Hope for their family needs and education.

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