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Lots of change is going around the planet and certainly in my life.  As many of you know, I was in a car accident in early March and am steadily recovering. The process of healing has been quite consuming. I've kept computer time to a minimum to give my brain a rest.  Here's my this month's announcements:
- Audio Releases!  Three 2nd Edition, remastered Feldenkrais lessons
- Medicine story on "Attunement: Our Greatest Gift" 
- Cancellation of my Shapeshifting Retreat in the Fall
- Invitation to new & old clients for private lessons  

I have recently launched my 2nd Edition of three of my favorite Feldenkrais lessons now available in single format with short tracks designed to break the lessons in 4 to 10 minute tracks.  Each single audio lesson is available for download. You'll find this new format (+new covers) very affordable and convenient for work breaks or a short pick-me-up at home.  Check them out to purchase and please pass this on to friends:

Open the flow of creativity.

Relax your neck, shoulders and entire spine.
Receive healing from your heart.

Feel feather-light in your chest.

Great for all activities affecting shoulders: work, sports or hobbies.

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One of my all time favorite lessons for balance and alignment.

Improve your connection to your core.
Helpful to improve yoga, sports, and back strength.
Learn to use your bones for support.

Great for centering yourself and posture support. 

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Uplift your head and emotional outlook (I've used this lesson many times!)

Lighten your head, eyes and breathing
Helpful for upright posture (especially at the computer, sitting, horseback riding)
Let go of unnecessary weight and stress

Refine the Executive Functions of your brain.

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More Audio lessons coming soon!  
Thanks for your Purchase and for sharing this with your friends.  

Here's this month's medicine story:


"Attunement"- Our Greatest Gift

Last year, I discovered the exquisite writings and teachings of Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Dorothy is a humble woman who began a global movement through deeply listening to her self and the plants around her. She called this process "attunement" and documented the messages she received in numerous books. Her communication work with plants and trees led to startling results.  Her gardens at Findhorn flourished beyond belief. People flocked to Findhorn to witness the magic. Dorothy's work with communication with plants has led many to a greater understanding of how to work as gardeners and stewards with the plant kingdom and the earth.

Dorothy Maclean's gift to speak to the "devas"* of the plants began after decades of quietly working with connecting to her own inner divine voice.  The information she received from the plants were full of practical information as well as spiritual insights.  As a reclusive, shy woman on her spiritual path, her teachings spread all over the world over the past forty years.  Her work influenced many scientific studies as well as influencing how people garden and grow food.

I have been practicing attuning to "my own still voice within" over this past year. I find this dialogue with my voice brings guidance and calm. The process of sitting quietly outside, attuning to my body and my connection to the wind, trees and plants helps me receive greater insights that connect me to the greater whole. I believe this medicine of attunement may be the greatest gift we have as human beings.  I have a short practice below to help guide you in the process.

The following quote from Dorothy Maclean feels appropriate instructions for beginning attunement: 

As we attune to our divinity, all creation attunes to us.  We find that our acts bear fruit, that a book opens at the page containing the answer we see, or that the very person we need suddenly turns up.

 ... Our finest thoughts become powerful enough to take form on Earth, in new relationships, in a garden, in the arts.

Only in Unity can we, and the whole earth, survive.  
As we realize our basic oneness with all life, we appreciate our differences more. First we have to attune to our uniqueness, our part of the vastness, our Godhood, before we can know and work with it, and from that growing awareness mingle with others in this diverse world.*


Attunement Practice:  I encourage you to sit still outdoors with the intention to connect with your physical body and then connect with nature around you. This can be anywhere: a yard, park, or city bench.
-If possible, sit on the ground with your spine upright or lean against a tree.  If you are on a bench, feel the ground with your feet. 
-Take time to let your body settle, quiet down and connect yourself to the ground, the elements of sun, wind and moisture.  Look around at everything that is alive near you-- the grass, plants, trees, birds, sky.  Notice the sounds, colors and smells. Feel your body- alive, pulsing.
- If you have a specific question or need, that can also be helpful.  Write the question or intention down.
-Clear your mind to be open to receiving.  If thoughts come, notice them as a thought and let them go, return to your intention to connect and receive.

- Notice what happens in the moment of attunement and throughout your day.   Messages come often in the form of "direct knowing"-- which will need to be translated in your own words.  
- Writing about your experience helps clarify your insights and messages.  What would you like more clarification with?  What directions or insights do you feel you received?

Let me know how this works for you and any questions you may have.  Each of us has special gifts with attunement and the process of attuning grows our collective awareness.  Your body is the vehicle to begin that process.

Blessings to you,





PS:  Thanks for sharing your comments, stories and requests with me.  I love hearing from you.
Special thanks to Lana Lensman, a master teacher in her own style of attunement who has taught me so much!

Thanks also to Joanna Libonati and Kay Baldwin for their beautiful graphics re-design on my CD covers!

*"Deva" is a sanskrit word for divine beings/spirits with creative intelligence in nature, Dorothy also uses the word "angel" to describe this sentient presence

**quote from Dorothy Maclean, founder of Findhorn  
from her book
To Hear the Angels Sing published in1980
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