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As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I was rear-ended on the way to teach my Bird Medicine Retreat last March. The experience rattled my body and neck and totaled my car. After staying at the hospital, I was able to attend the last 3 days of the retreat, which was nourishing for all of us attending.  The healing process since the retreat has required me to do nothing but rest, be quiet and heal my spinal cord, neck, inner organs and brain for the past month.  I've learned so much about stillness in this process. In this issue, I have a brief medicine story about "Flower Power," one of the aspects in nature that has been especially healing in my recovery as well as some helpful audio books.

QUICK Updates:

1.  I'm doing much better since my accident, though still spending a lot of time resting and getting treatments to help with the healing process and re-build my stamina.  Thanks for all the emails, prayers and support!

2.  I'm seeing clients now-- feel free to make an appointment for Woodinville (Mondays) or Seattle (Tues, Thurs, Fridays).  You can email or call me for an appointment at 206-271-4270.  New clients are welcome!

3.  I've cancelled my May "Tree Medicine" Retreat due to my healing process from this injury:  I hope to offer this retreat  next year.  Let me know if are interested in future retreats or if you'd like to host a retreat in a nature area near where you live.

4. My October Retreat:  
“Shapeshifting: Tools to Navigate Change”  is running and taking registrations!  (Women only)    This will be a powerful retreat to learn many practical tools to use your body and elements from nature to navigate through change.  Click here for info and registration.

5.  My second edition of my Feldenkrais CDs is truly, truly coming in the next 2 weeks--   I'll send an email on the release date.  I've very excited about this new format and re-mastering of these lessons as well as new lessons.

This month's Medicine Story:  "Flower Power"

The timing of my car accident happened at the beginning of spring-- when flowers begin to open.

Each morning after my injury, I'd wake up and take a short stroll outside to look at the flowers, to smell and touch them and perhaps sit against a tree for a bit.  Flowers hold so much promise for the year ahead:  beauty after winter, nectar for birds and bees, fragrant sweetness mixed with moist spring air and the first stage of fruit.  

Flowers also hold the ultimate essence of vitality for healing. We give flowers as gifts of love, gratitude, support and beauty to those we care about,  Flowers hold a powerful message for life as they continue to open, open and open.  The essence carried in a flower is powerful medicine.  Each flower has a unique quality ("essences" made from flowers, i.e., Bach Flower remedies and others are used for homeopathic medicine).

The other day I sat near a daffodil and asked for a message of its medicine.  Here's what I sensed from this bright yellow skirted flower with cream fringed cup:  "We are the colors of the sun. We are open mouths of joy. We never stop singing joy, over and over... even when fading into brown."  

The elegant opening of a flower gives me courage to open my heart and mind to life. After a harsh winter, the array of bright yellow, pink, red, blue and purple petals point to a resilience of joy which resides deep within each plant.  Their gentle beauty and fragrance softens emotions and rigid thought patterns.  As a healing agent for change, I cannot think of anything more powerful than the flower.  When you touch a flower, focus your mind and body to attune to the essence a flower has to offer.  Use your imagination and take in the essence of this particular flower through it's aroma, shape and color into your body as if you are drinking an elixir and feel the effects.   This is the medicine of "Flower Power."

A few weeks after my car accident, one of my clients made me a beautiful Hawaiian lei of hyacinth flowers from her garden.  (She didn't know I was using flowers as a healing practice for myself.)  I was overwhelmed by the healing energy I felt wearing the fragrant lei around my neck. Big Flower Power! (see photo below)  This simple reminder of beauty and grace continues to guide me as I heal from this injury.  This is a powerful time to connect with the medicine of flowers!

I hope this spring brings much beauty and joy in your life.  I appreciate you sharing this with interested friends, co-workers and clients and look forward to connecting with you.


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PS:  Thanks for sharing your comments,  I love hearing from you.  
Audio Books I found helpful in my healing process:  
Finding True Refuge (meditations for Difficult Times) by Tara Brach, 2013 
All is Well: Heal your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition by Lousie Hay and Mona Lisa Schultz, 2013
Private Lessons: or 206-271-4270
Mondays in Woodinville; Tues, Thurs & Fridays in Seattle

2nd Edition of Feldenkrais Audio lessons is nearly done.
All remastered and with a new format with short tracks.

Woo hoo!

New Releases are Coming Soon!
Recent Testimonial from my last Retreat:

At the end of my Bird Medicine retreat, one of my students from Germany said,

"I would gladly have come again from twice as far in a heartbeat to attend one of your retreats!"
Shapeshifting Retreat:
Navigating Change

October 20-23, 2016
(Women only)


Ready to make a shift? Move into the creative life you were born to live.  Connect with the wisdom in your body to guide you. 

Learn to use elements from nature and your body for graceful navigation in your life. You'll acquire practical tools to clearly connect with your inner guidance.  

These retreats are designed to help you shift through change, get clearer in your life path, strengthen connection to your heart and open to your gifts. 

Spend time nourishing your mind, body and soul in a beautiful natural setting with truly incredible food and kindred spirits.  
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