Episode 186: July 20, 2021

Incident at a Long Haul Rest Stop
by Greg Fewer

It was getting dark when Jack pulled the Ford into a highway petrol station. He woke Jim up.

“Toilet. Go! I’ll head to the café as soon as I’ve filled her up.”

As he poured, Jack noticed a commotion inside a parked car. Heading inside to pay the bill, he was startled to see a bloodied hand smear the car’s windscreen. He rushed to get help.

Indoors, Jack stopped, stunned. As the Beastie Boys’ ‘Body Movin’’ played over speakers, blood-soaked customers fed upon Jim’s still form. When Jack dropped his keys, the customers looked up, snarled, and lunged towards him.

Greg Fewer writes predominantly speculative flash fiction and poetry, his stories and poems having appeared in (among other places): Cough Syrup, Flash in a Flash, Lovecraftiana, Monsters: A Dark Drabbles Anthology, Page & Spine, Polar Borealis, Scifaikuest, Star*Line, and The Sirens Call.
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