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Most of us will have thought about a Marketing budget for our business, however big or small it may be, because we know we need to advertise to get customers and clients for our business.  But, where do we start?
Newspapers are considered the primary advertising medium by 99.4% of all US retailers. Newspapers have been there in every step of the typical shop owner's life from the very beginning. Newspapers covered his birth, his marriage, the death of his parents and everything else.  There's a big number circulation to go with the big number price tag, so you're sure your advert will be seen by many new customers. Sounds good right?
HOWEVER...there's a few problems.  Newspaper ads are great, and an effective part of a larger marketing strategy.  But less than half of newspaper readers will read the entire paper. Most are skimmers. How many times through the paper does it take for you to find your own ad?
Over half of every newspaper is advertising. Almost as bad as TV where commercial breaks now last longer and longer, unless you have Sky Plus and can forward through the ads. More than two-thirds of the huge and heavy Sunday brick is advertising.
Newspaper rates are climbing faster than any other advertising media. The smallest of ads in the smallest papers can cost over €100. One time, one shot and BAM!, it's at the bottom of the bird cage or spread out for your doggy's toilet training.
Adapted from '13 Facts About Newspaper Advertising'.  Read the full article here
Building your Customer Network and Relationships is Key to Effective Marketing.
Building your Marketing Network
Now, what would a quarter page advert in the newspaper cost you? (Hint: it's currently €9,440 for a colour quarter in the Irish Times).  Newspapers have a wide circulation, certainly.  But... how many people will even see your advert, or notice and remember and ACT ON IT if they do see it?  How many of those people are your existing customers, who already like and trust your business?

Do You Want to Get More Customers & Grow... Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising?

53% of marketing professionals agree, email is the most effective Marketing tactic. (source: Asend2 Industry Research, 2013)

A well written, reliably delivered, target market focused email newsletter will:
  • Complement your website and increase your business' online traffic
  • Provide interactive client/customer engagement in a no pressure, familiar and easy form
  • Encourage and enable word of mouth marketing - your clients will sell your business and products for you!
  • Provide measaurable, specific reporting on a month by month basis
  • Facilitate consistent improvement and refinement of your marketing strategies
  • Ensure excellent value for money, and Marketing Budget ROI (return on investment).
If you have the time, and want to get a Business Newsletter started yourself
Click Here for a Good Article For Beginners, or Click Here if you want to Improve an Existing Newsletter
and then there's the Mailchimp Resources, which we highly recommend. Good Luck! 

We offer a couple of Business Newsletter Package Options that might be of service, if you are short on time, or you're not quite sure how or where to begin. 
Why not Click this Link and have a look, to see if any of the options suit your needs, and your 2013 marketing budget?

If you need some newsletter support, for start up or developement, just give us a shout.
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