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Autumn Newsletter
Welcome to this new edition of the Camdata Newsletter.

We have been busy applying our electronic design and development skills to a number of exciting and challenging client projects. They include domestic fire suppression technology and an avalanche rescue system. Further details of these can be found below. We intend to cover similar application activities in future editions. Also featured is new product development, with the Microscribe 4000-WLAN detailed below. To learn more about how Camdata can help you please visit our improved website or contact us directly at .
Avalanche Beacon

Avalanche Rescue Beacon

Camdata were contracted to design a low cost beacon, which transmits on an international standard frequency if a skier is caught in an avalanche. Skills included understanding the market, low power RF electronics, packaging, water ingress and shock protection and assisting with volume manufacture. The product was then re-engineered for a different market.

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Automist - Fire Suppression

Domestic Fire Suppression

Plumis, having won the Dyson product of the year award, had entered the market with prototype electronics. Their Automist product provides a blanketing water mist which automatically triggers, and rapidly puts out home fires. Camdata was commissioned to redesign the microcomputer electronics and software during a 40% cost down exercise.

For more information on this, visit our
recent projects page.

Simon Jones

New Director Joins Camdata

Simon Jones has joined as a new director alongside Peter Cowley as Camdata takes on the next stage of its progress. Simon has an impressive track record helping businesses grow. His career has seen him accumulate 25 years of business consulting experience in telecoms, energy and banking sectors. He spent 12 years as CEO of global telecoms consultancy growing company from £5m to £35m. He is a non-executive director/chairman and certified business coach supporting the growth of small and medium technology and consulting enterprises. Sector focus includes energy, medical, education technology and recruitment and talent management. Simon's role will be to support Peter in the growth of the company and help identify and reach new market opportunities. We welcome Simon on board.

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New Product Development

Microscribe 4000-WLAN


Microscribe 4000-WLAN

The Microscribe 4000-WLAN has been introduced to provide a very rugged terminal platform with integral 802.11b/g interface to connect to a standard Wi-Fi network within a factory environment, a storage yard, traffic light controllers etc.

The 4000 has a full travel QWERTY keyboard, a 40 character by 8 line display, is protected to IP65 and drop proof. The internal battery will last for days in standby and 8 to 12 hours operationally, depending on wireless usage. An external antenna allows range of up to 100 metres indoors and more outdoors.

An example of a specific application is on our website at:

Technology Road Mapping
Technology Road Mapping

In future editions we will be covering the Camdata perspective on electronics and other technology trends and hot topics. To kick this off we have recently started a research project to determine the technology challenges and potential solutions for Camdata customers. We have contacted a number of you already and if you are yet to be contacted and want to contribute to this study, please contact us. If there is anything you would particularly like us to research we would be delighted to hear from you.
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