Dear Note to Self listeners,

Earlier this year, we teamed up with ProPublica to track political ads on Facebook. Many of you contributed to this reporting.

Now, our friends at The United States of Anxiety -- a podcast from WNYC Studios about gender and power -- are gathering information for a story about how Facebook ads are targeting users, specifically by gender, in the lead up to the midterm elections. They need your help reporting this out.

If you’re seeing gendered political ads pop up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram -- or ads that you even suspect might be gendered -- send them our way.

It’s easy. Just two steps:

1. Screenshot an image of a political ad you see on Facebook or Twitter.
2. Head to this form and tell us why you think they targeted the ad towards you.

We still don't know a lot about political advertising on social media. The federal government hasn't caught up on regulation for the ads we see in our social feeds. And Facebook is still playing catch up.

It’s a problem.

But understanding what we're seeing online -- and who is working to make sure we see it -- is a great start to fixing things. Here’s an example of what we mean:

The above is an ad for a candidate running for State House Representative in Alabama. It kinda feels clear who they're trying to target though, right?
Click here to submit what you see on social media. And if you want to hear more about the role of gender in politics, tune into the latest season of The United States of Anxiety: gender, power and politics.


Watch this space for more Note to Self news.


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