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November 6, 2015 - Volume 14  Issue 44
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1964: Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall declares Carnegie Hall a National Landmark.

December 27, 1927 on WNYC

Explorer, artist and Brooklynite Anthony Fiala (1869-1950) came to the WNYC studios and delivered the talk "Crushed by Ice in the Polar Night." Fiala, a graduate of Cooper Union, ran the art and engraving department at The Brooklyn Eagle as well as reporting for the Eagle during the Spanish-American War. He joined the 1901-02 Baldwin-Ziegler polar expedition as a photographer and served as commander of the Ziegler-Fiala expedition of 1903-05, reaching a latitude of 82 degrees 4'. (Photo: Hassan cigarette card/ A. Lanset collection)
"Ask Me Another" Makes an Earlier Appearance on WNYC
April 10, 1927, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports on its 2nd annual Current Events Bee, radio's first quiz program, to be broadcast over WNYC, and says in part: "...The 'Ask Me Another' fad, which was really originated by the Eagle with its first Current Events Bee 12 years ago, will thus be continued by the Radio Bee..."
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

Why did they pick a red planet with rings?

WNYC celebrated its 91st anniversary in July. Just think, less than 9 short years to the big centennial. In this space we'll be linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones celebrating nearly a century of broadcasting in the public interest. This week: How Geopolitics Shaped WNYC’s Iconic Station Identification

The WNYC Facebook page has a station timeline (1922-present) with more than 600 milestones, photos, and links to audio. (Right hand column).
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