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August  9, 2013 - Volume 12  Issue 30
Edition # 568

1929: Daisy Miller talks about 'animal welfare.'  Note: two years earlier, Miller founded the Animal Protection Union, a one-woman service devoted to restoring lost or stolen pure-bred dogs to their owners. She became known for her success in busting dognapping rackets.

1938: The Phil-Sym Quartet gives a recital at the Juilliard School of Music.

1945: In a speech from the White House on the Potsdam Conference, President Truman discusses the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan.

1959: Former New York Governor Averill Harriman talks about the Soviet Union on this edition of Campus Press Conference.

1974: President Nixon's gives his farewell from the White House, and Gerald Ford is sworn in.

1989: Reporter Don Mathisen interviews former Mayor Abe Beame.

1999: Marianne McCune reports on an Albanian family.

2002 Country music musician Jimmie Dale Gilmore tells us what's in his survival kit on this edition of the Leonard Lopate Show.
                   Potted Palm Radio

One of several July 8, 1926 performances broadcast from WNYC's open air rooftop garden studio on the 26th floor of the Municipal Building. It was the station's second anniversary celebration. (Photo by Eugene de Salignac and courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives).


 Live! From the 26th Floor Roof Garden it's WNYC!

"WNYC, New York's municipal broadcaster, has a remote control station which is unique at least in New York radio circles. It consists of an outdoor roof garden and is employed by WNYC for the broadcasting of programs enlisting the services of a large number of people, such as a band, or symphony orchestra, or choral body. On hot summer nights, it is also utilized in place of the studio, and, being located more than a score of stories from the street, is not troubled with traffic noises... A platform has been erected on the roof of the Municipal Building which on broadcast nights is surrounded by potted palms and other floral decorations.

" 'This outdoor studio has proved to be a great boon on hot nights,' said Christie Bohnsack, Director of WNYC... 'We recently staged a State of Mississippi Night, ... Our microphone is simply extended outside, and the soloist or ensemble [is] picked.up and carried to our transmitter.' "

Source: Excerpts from William J. Fagan UPI dispatch from New York, September 2, 1926.
WNYC First day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924. 
Municipal Archives Collection.

American Mavericks From the Archives on Q2

The Victrola Business is Booming

“The Victrola business is booming this year and in many New York homes the radio dial is permanently tuned to WQXR, the classical music station. This station, unfortunately still local, offers the most pleasing series of programs on the air. It broadcasts continuous concerts of recorded symphonic music, uninterrupted by long-winded advertising announcers. Its great popularity in New York points toward its extension to a national field.”

Source: Katherine Scherman writing in “Music,” The North American Review, December, 1938, pg. 384.

News & Notices:


WNYC's 90th year of broadcasting is upon us. (The actual anniversary is next July 8th) In this space we'll be linking to various WNYC champions and milestones. This week: Seymour N. Siegel: Public Radio Visionary.

The WNYC Facebook page has a station timeline (1922-present) with more than 593 milestones, photos, and links to audio. (Right hand column)

We're also working on the WQXR Facebook timeline. (1929 - present)

Many thanks to Nancy Berezin, George Jellinek's daughter, for donating two large cartons of tapes (reel and cassette) of WQXR broadcasts to the WQXR Archive Collections.

We say a fond farewell and many thanks this week to our summer interns Laurel Gildersleeve and Jennie Cronin. Laurel is returning to graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin and Jennie, has finished at the University of Rhode Island and will be looking for work. She's recommended!

With much sadness we note the recent passing of veteran WQXR host Lloyd Moss. Listen to some of Lloyd's shows at: TIMM.

Check out the @mayorlaguardia Twitter feed straight from the WNYC broadcasts! His Honor now has 447 followers.

The WNYC Archives is on Twitter with 1,306 followers @wnycarchives.

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