David Carroll is hunting for information. About himself. He knows himself pretty well. And so does a controversial marketing firm.

Cambridge Analytica claims it holds up to 5,000 data points on over 230 million American voters. The company implied it was the secret sauce in the Trump campaign (then they took that back.)  

But this company may share your online marketing profile with political campaigns, retailers, and potentially foreign governments. What if you, the profiled, wanted to have a look too?
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David, father of two, professor of tech-design and online ad researcher, made that request and now is suing for further information. This week, what David found. And didn’t find in his file. And what it could mean for our democracy.


After you enjoy a (hopefully phone-free) meal this Thursday, what about requesting your file from Cambridge Analytica? You can even help your relatives get theirs and check back in around Christmas when the results arrive. If you do, let me know what you find.
Maybe seeing this file makes you want to protect your own data. A long weekend is a great time to reboot the Privacy Paradox, our series on how to reclaim our digital identities.



I guess the silver lining to a fairly dark year is that it’s thrown the joyful things into stark relief. My family, especially when they offer to take over Thanksgiving cooking. The team here at Note to Self. And you guys, always. For giving your time, voices, and energy to the show. And meeting me on the road. You taught me so much on the Bored and Brilliant book tour I had to made a listicle.   
See you out there.
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