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August  30, 2013 - Volume 12  Issue 33
Edition # 571

1948: Grover A. Whalen, Chairman of the Committee of the Golden Jubilee Celebration, reports on plans for the event. (Note: The Golden Jubilee was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the consolidation of the five boroughs of New York City into the Greater City of New York).

1956: The American Friends of Hebrew University present a program on the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls.

1964: WNYC Director Seymour N. Siegel interviews Hugh Dingwall, former President of the Seattle World's Fair and current President of the San Antonio World's Fair on this edition of City Close-Up.

1976: Margaret O'Connell discusses her book, The Magic Cauldron on The Reader's Almanac.  She talks about the history of witches, including the Salem trials, and tells show host Walter James Miller about misogyny and the stereotype of bad witches.
Tea Magnate and Yachtsman Stops in New York on way to America's Cup Race

Sir Thomas Lipton (1848-1931) holding the WNYC microphone on the gangplank between the Leviathan (commercial liner) and the S.S. Macom (the city's official welcoming boat) with Chief Announcer Tommy Cowan (l) and official greeter Grover Whalen (r) August 16, 1930.  Lipton arrived for his fifth attempt at the America's Cup. (Photo: International Newsreel Photo/Radio Digest)


     Sir Thomas Tongue-Tied at WNYC Mic

"One radio announcer, with the combined radio stations of the National Broadcasting Company, the Columbia Broadcasting System, the official station of the City of New York, WNYC, and the shortwave broadcast on Columbia's 2XE, carried the arrival of [Sir Thomas] Lipton to every corner of the earth. Thomas Cowan of WNYC was the announcer... Sir Thomas for the first time in his life was suffering from a bad case of stage fright, and only when Cowan told him the whole world was listening in... did he slowly draw a crumpled piece of paper from an inside pocket, and with the remark that he had prepared a short speech for the radio, began to read it. He prefaced his remarks by saying, 'Tell 'em I won't make a speech till after the race ... maybe not then.' he added as an afterthought.

"The passengers on board the Leviathan were cheering and yelling 'Good Luck, Tommy!' Sir Thomas, though a trifle hard of hearing, stopped his prepared speech for a bit to say, 'Tommy sounds better to me than 'Sir Thomas' and I hope the folks back home hear 'em.' "

Source: Excerpts from "Grand Old Man of the Sea: Sir Thomas Lipton Shakes Hands with Mayor Jimmy Walker and Gets 'Mike Fright' at Welcome Party," Radio Digest, October, 1930 pgs. 69 & 89.

Note: Lipton created the Lipton tea brand and is said to have been the most persistent challenger in the history of the America's Cup.
WNYC First day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924. 
Municipal Archives Collection.

American Mavericks From the Archives on Q2

WQXR Reviews Newsreels

"First regular weekly program reviewing current newsreels and aimed at promoting attendance at newsreel theaters will go on the air from 6:30 to 6:45 tonight over WQXR, under the sponsorship of Embassy Newsreel Theaters.

"Program, with commentary by James Clemenger, will use guest artists from the ranks of newsreel cameramen, editors and others. Guest artist for the first program will be Al Waldron, Fox Movietone cameraman ..."

Source: Excerpt from "WQXR Program Will Review Current Embassy Newsreel,"  The Film Daily, March 7, 1940, pg.7.

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WNYC's 90th year of broadcasting is upon us. (The actual anniversary is next July 8th.) In this space we'll be linking to various WNYC champions and milestones. This week: Radio Pioneer Tommy Cowan Announces a Parade of History.

In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, you may want to view The March, produced by the United States Information Agency in 1963, and recently restored by the National Archives and Records Administration.

A fond farewell to Harriet Black in promotions who started at WNYC in 1985.  We appreciate your support and bounty of good cheer through the years!

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