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Hello from New York City! 

I am reuniting with the Death, Sex & Money team in our New York home base this week. We are doing that glorious thing that we ought to do more often but don't: having an off-site retreat. This basically means a day-long meeting inside four walls that aren't our regular office walls, but somehow, the change of scenery unlocks serious creativity...and some needed exhales. 

We will be plotting and planning our next few weeks, months, years, this space! 

And it's the second time in a week that most of the team has been together. Producers Katie Bishop and Anabel Bacon were out with me in Los Angeles last week for the women's podcasting festival Werk It:
I missed the conference last year because I was super-pregnant, and it was remarkable to get a sense of how much the podcasting industry has changed and expanded in just two years. Like, I met one woman who started her audio career cutting public radio-style interviews, then moved to producing political podcasts, and just recently took a job with Dipsea, the subscription-based app that makes erotic audio stories for women. Anything is possible, people.

That's the spirit I'm taking with me into this retreat today. We are going to burn through some butcher paper!  

Anna and the Death, Sex & Money team

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Wanna Know How The Magic Happens?
We had a great time in Los Angeles at Werk It last week, talking to some of you in person, meeting *our* podcast heroes, and overindulging on horchata. We were also excited to have the chance to talk a little bit about how we make Death, Sex & Money. If you've ever wanted to nerd out and learn exactly how we make our big topic-driven episodes, you can listen to the audio from our presentation here. We walked through the creation of our January episode on STIs from beginning to end, including how we keep track of everyone's emails (spreadsheets are our friends), why we love a good pre-interview, and what we do when things go off the rails. 
Your Stories: Death, Sex, Money, and Climate Change
More and more, we're hearing from you in our inbox about how climate change is giving you anxiety and grief—and how you're handling it. This week, we got an email from a listener named Will, who's wondering if he's alone in the way that global warming is impacting how he's approaching his finances, and everything else:
"I feel like the main source of stress around death and sex and money in my life is climate change. It's tied up in all three of those. You know, the people we choose to spend time with, certainly saving for the future, I mean, I have not had a 401(k) for my entire career because the ice caps are melting. And obviously the most morbid part of it all is our death, or the possible death not just of human beings but of the planet. It's such a dark topic but I was just curious if that's come up at all with you guys, because I feel like it's certainly something nobody likes to talk about, and yet it's on my mind constantly. I know for a fact I'm not the only one. So let's talk about it."
—Will, 26, NY
Yes, let's talk about it! If climate change is having a tangible impact on the way you're living your life, tell us:

Listen to This: Audio We Love

Here at the show, we know how hard it can be to talk about money—especially when we're talking about how money plays out in our relationships. And guess what? This week, on the Love Letters podcast, it was my turn to go there. I talked with host Meredith Goldstein about how a couch purchase almost ended my relationship with my now-husband Arthur, and how the budget-based homework that our couples therapist gave us is still the basis of our financial planning today. 

There's a lot going on in political news right now, and staying caught up can feel overwhelming. Good news: the team behind WNYC's morning program The Brian Lehrer Show is here to help out. Starting this week, they're launching a new daily pop-up podcast called Impeachment. Every afternoon, they'll put their impeachment coverage from the morning down a podcast feed so you can stay informed with smart analysis from experts and commentary and questions from their listeners. If you don't live in New York and aren't a regular listener of Brian's show—you are missing out, and this is your chance to catch up! If there's one person we want to walk us through this moment in history, it's him. 
Next on Death, Sex & Money
Writer and poet Saeed Jones had his first sexual encounter with another person when he was a teenager, after an older white man saw him looking at porn on a computer at his local library in Texas. Saeed writes about that experience in his new memoir, How We Fight For Our Lives. Next week, I talk with him about the other moments in his life that shaped the way he thinks about sex and relationships today—as well as about how he grieved his mom's early death as an only child, while also figuring out how to handle all the paperwork that needs to happen after someone dies.
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