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October 2, 2015 - Volume 14  Issue 39
Edition # 677


1939: ASCAP presents "The Negro in American Music: A Carnegie Hall Minstrel Show," featuring Louis Armstrong.

1954: Critic Gilbert Seldes talks about All Summer Long and other plays now being performed in New York.

1969: John Hightower, Executive Director of the New York State Council on the Arts, is Ruth Bowman's guest on Views on Art.

Amelia Earhart is welcomed at City Hall following her solo trans-Atlantic flight, June 20, 1932.

You will notice WNYC's chief announcer Tommy Cowan in the lower right hand corner providing a blow-by-blow account of the aviatrix's reception as she descends City Hall steps with Mayor Jimmy Walker. (Acme News Photo/WNYC Archive Collections)

Playing It Safe
"NEW YORK, Oct. 13--Walter Butler is a short, dapper man with a faint continental accent. He formerly was an engineer at a small Southern station. Some months ago he moved North and took a low-paying job riding gain at WNYC, the New York muni station, so that he could be near his family. To supplement his income he tried to get a part-time job as a mail handler at the New York Post Office. Last week, on [Admiral] Nimitz Day, Butler walked up to the desk of Sylvia Davis, assistant to Morris Novik, head of the station. He was wearing a Homburg hat and carried a small leather attache case.
'Miss Davis,' he announced, 'I am leaving WNYC.'
'Really" she asked,' did you get that job at the post office?'
'No, I am going to Berlin for six months to be a legal advisor to the War Crimes Commissioner. By the way, when I come back, can I have my old job?' "
Source: Billboard, "Playing It Safe," October 20, 1945, p.6.
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

WQXR - 'Long Reads' from WWII

WNYC celebrated its 91st anniversary in July. Just think, only 9 short years to the big centennial. In this space we'll be linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones celebrating nearly a century of broadcasting in the public interest. This week: The Peabodys!

Electron Microscope Slow Motion Video of a Needle in the Groove of an LP.
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