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Victor Harrison Berlitz teaches both elementary and advanced French lessons.

1945: Humorist Harry Hershfeld reads Dick Tracy, Joe Palooka and Bringing Up Father as part of WNYC's Comic Parade, a series of readings of the funny papers to New York's kids during the 17-day newspaper deliverymen's strike. Editor's note: The most iconic reading, of course, was that of Mayor La Guardia when he was reading from Little Orphan Annie five days later.

1951: Commissioner Arthur Wallander reports on the role of amateur radio operators in civil defense.

1979: Doris C. Freedman interviews Nancy Azara and Carol Stronghilos on the upcoming opening of the New York Feminist Art Institute (NYFAI) on this edition of Artists in the City.
WNYC founder Grover A. Whalen was a pretty snappy dresser. (WNYC Archive Collections)
Another Early Jazz Magazine on WNYC?

"The development of jazz from its early origins in African tribal music to the present day swing style of Goodman, Dorsey, Basie and Shaw, all prominent orchestra leaders, is the subject of a new weekly series on WNYC, New York. Daniel A. Wolfert, an authority on jazz and member of the Music Department of Brooklyn College, is conducting the programs, which feature jazz records from Mr. Wolfert's personal collection and from the collection of the Hot Record Society, in addition to interviews with prominent jazz musicians and composers."

Source: "Birth of the Jitters," Broadcasting, April 15, 1939, pg. 63.  Editor's note: Wolfert was a a teacher of the history and appreciation of music at Brooklyn College. He launched a small label called Gamut Records in June, 1937 that was associated with the Reeves Sound studios.  We're still looking into this, but it appears that if Wolfert's program series was successful, it would have preceded Ralph Burton's Jazz Institute of the Air and Metropolitan Review.

Cohan Locates Cohen via WNYC Appeal -- Chihuahua to be Tested

The drama unfolds: Mrs. Lillian Cohan, 50, of 169 Hewes Street, Brooklyn is on a shopping trip at Essex and Delancey Streets in Manhattan and is bitten by a Chihuahua, which runs away. She consults a doctor and he tells her she had better get rabies shots unless the dog can be proven to be rabies free. Contemplating the painful inoculation, Cohan considers going to one of the Manhattan newspapers to make an appeal, but they weren't publishing soon enough. So she calls on WNYC. The station almost immediately broadcasts an appeal to the Chihuahua owner. The owner, Mrs. Freida Cohen of 89 Division Street, hears the bulletin and responds, readily agreeing to take her dog to the A.S.P.C.A. for a rabies test. So it goes, October 5, 1953, just another day of public service by WNYC. And, one of the 600+ milestones on WNYC's Facebook Timeline. (music up and fade)
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

The WQXR Great Artists Series

 Good Things Start at WQXR
"University Life was begun four weeks ago as a feature of station WQXR and the Interstate Broadcasting System. Two more discussions will be sent over this station before changing to WOR. [Council President Hilary H.] Holmes lauds WQXR, 'The production staff of WQXR has cooperated with us excellently in the best interests of the program,' declared Holmes. 'We are accepting the invitation of the Mutual network in order to share the life of a great university with a larger audience.' "

Source: "Debate Council Takes Bid of Mutual System," Columbia Daily Spectator, November 30, 1938, pg.1.
WNYC celebrated its 91st birthday this week.  In this space we've been linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones. This week: WNYC Founder Grover A. Whalen on His Creation.

Which U.S. President congratulated WNYC for a job well done, writing, "You have selflessly given of your time, talent and energy to produce quality programming that exemplifies the values upon which our Republic was founded." ? Find out at: The Name Dropper.

Nazi Not-Exactly Summer Camp

WNYC's Animated Past - A Proposal

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