Dear Note To Self Listener,
I can’t even believe it…the podcast and I are back! 
Maybe you wondered why new episodes stopped appearing in your podcast feed. (Or you just assumed the team and I were doing a reallllly long digital detox.) 
Here’s what happened in a nutshell:
Last spring, Note to Self’s executive producer, Jen Poyant, and I decided to take a leap and start our own business. We documented the intense process of becoming media entrepreneurs on a new show we named ZigZag. But all the while, we missed Note to Self desperately. So, when we had the opportunity to bring back the show with WNYC Studios exclusively for the new podcasting app Luminary, we didn’t hesitate.
Starting today, a new episode of Note to Self will be out weekly. This first one has important new information on the kids and screens debate. Take a listen and then subscribe to Luminary, so you can hear new future episodes. 
We’re at a crucial moment. The rest of the world has woken up to what you’ve known all along: our relationship with technology is complicated, and more than ever, we need a nuanced, thoughtful community to process and make sense of it. As before, we’ll deliver the most up-to-date research and soulful stories to help you live better with your tech. 
If you haven't heard all of our past episodes, they’ll be available on our website and everywhere you get your podcasts until May 20th. After that, you’ll find them all exclusively on the Luminary app.
I’m proud, happy, and grateful to be making the show again.
Thank you for sticking with us,
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