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July 1, 2016 - Volume 15  Issue 27
Edition # 716

1956: Cultural critic Gilbert Seldes talks about politics in music. Can there be a party line?

1967: Mayor John Lindsay warns holiday drivers:
"Never let yourself be drawn into a battle of wits with careless half-wits on the road."

1985: Artist Hans Haacke discusses his work with Jenny Dixon on Artists in the City.

2001: Jazz pianist Ethan Iverson plays three commissioned works and talks with host Dean Olsher on this edition of The Next Big Thing..
WNYC Press Release: "The problem of adapting WNYC programs to the requirements of the listeners' psychology will be made from a scientific analysis of the mail response received by the Municipal Broadcasting Station." --Commissioner Frederick Kracke, Department of Plant & Structures. (Photo courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives)

Kracke was the last of four Commissioners of the New York City Department of Plant and Structures to run WNYC. In 1938 WNYC became part of The Municipal Broadcasting System with a Director reporting directly to the Mayor. That first Director, the man who coined the phrase "public broadcasting," was Morris S. Novik.


Premiere of Meet the Composer

Tim Page hosts the 26-week series featuring an hour-long profile of a contemporary American composer. Interviews include Philip Glass, Libby Larsen, Milton Babbitt, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland,and John Corigliano, among others. The series is sponsored in part by Meet the Composer, Inc., a national organization promoting the work of living American composers.
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

December 3, 2016 will be WQXR's 80th anniversary. Listen to the eleventh episode of WQXR at 50. Host Bob Sherman remembers Igor Stravinsky and plays an interview with conductor Pierre Monteux reminiscing about Stravinsky from April 5, 1955. Also heard is Stravinsky himself on WQXR in 1949 talking about his ballet Orpheus, with performances by the Chicago Symphony.

A confession: Last week I included in this newsletter a 1920s colorized photo of a charming little girl wearing headphones. The text on the photo suggested it was an old advertisment for WNYC-AM's classical music programming. 

In truth, it was indeed a 1920s colorized postcard of a charming little girl. However, the text, "WNYC It's Classical" and "AM 570 Kc" was added only a few years ago with PhotoShop for an old April Fools edition of these History Notes. In a last-minute search for some eye candy, this shot was inserted without context. I regret any misrepresentation this far from April 1st.   -AL

WNYC will celebrate its 92nd anniversary in just a week! Only eight short years to the big centennial. In this space we'll be linking to various historical WNYC champions, broadcasts and milestones celebrating nearly a century on the air in the public interest. This week: Calypso on WNYC.

This week's NEH-funded Annotations blog series features: If War Comes to New York City, We'll Take Care of the Homeless.

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