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July 31, 2015 - Volume 14  Issue 30
Edition # 668


1948: President Harry S. Truman and New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey join Mayor O'Dwyer and Grover A. Whalen at the dedication of Idlewild Airport (later known as JFK) as part of New York City's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

1966: Senator Robert F. Kennedy is the keynote speaker at a dinner for Thurgood Marshall marking the 12th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on Brown v. Board of Education.
A portrait of WNYC's first Music Director Herman Neuman, presented to him upon his retirement in 1967.


  Native Sons
"Broadcast over WNYC for thirteen weeks in 1941, Native Sons was one of several series cast with African Americans that dramatized the lives of prominent blacks. Actors included Eric Burroughs, Canada Lee, P.J. Sidney, Jessie Zackerey, Jimmy Wright and Rose Poindexter. The Juanita Hall Choir provided music while Mitchell Grayson directed. Writing credits were ascribed to John Griffin and one other unidentified writer. Author Richard Wright gave some commentary after the final broadcast."

The May through July programs profiled: Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, the explorer Estevanico; Nat Turner; George Washington Carver; Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield; Crispus Attucks; Ira Aldridge; Robert Smalls; Benjamin Banneker; Toussaint-L' Ouverture; Denmark Vesey; Paul Robeson; Marian Anderson; and Roland Hayes.

Source: Ellett, Ryan, Encyclopedia of Black Radio in the United States 1921-1955, McFarlane & Co., North Carolina, 2012, pg. 116. Ellet cites: Baltimore Afro-American, May 3, 1941, p. 14 and August 9, 1941, p. 14.

"Your broadcast is our only solace for a radio week of misery."  Fan mail sent to WQXR's Pru Devon in 1947 for her show Nights in Latin America.
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

The WQXR Great Artists Series


35mm slide of a 1970's era version of a WQXR sales power-point presentation.

WNYC celebrated its 91st anniversary this month. Just think, only 9 short years to the big centennial. In this space we'll be linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones celebrating nearly a century of broadcasting in the public interest. This week: A 1926 edition of Soundcheck with the Flanagan brothers.

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