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Newsletterers, you'll forgive us if we keep this introduction brief. You see, we're still recovering from our anticipation of last night's debate, the hours spent musing on what might happen. Will anyone "come out swinging?" Will anyone "tone it down?" What kind of stakes might there be for CNN and the candidates?? Not to mention the hours spent counting along with the CNN countdown clock. Exhausting.

And then, of course, there was the actual debate. But more on that later.

Listen To Last Week's Show: "Enter and Return"

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"Eye Of The Sparrow" — A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate
Last night's debate will no doubt be given the Bad Lip Reading treatment soon enough. Until then relive the absurdist bliss of their take on Obama/Romney 2012.

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The tale of Kim Davis seems to be fading into last week's news, but the blustering, self-righteous rhetoric of the candidates who rushed to share her spotlight, er, "defend her religious liberty" is likely not going anywhere. Last week Bob took on the flimsy argument against the Supreme Court and the separation of church and state.

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Clock or bomb? It's literally impossible to say.


Earlier this week, high school freshman and robotics enthusiast Ahmed Mohamad was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school because the exposed circuitry and wiring made it look, according to school officials and police, like a bomb. Here's hoping they never look inside their smartphones or any other electronic device. 
In case you're confused about what is and isn't a clock, and if you want to build your very own clock that isn't a bomb, Wired's got you covered. "Maybe if enough young people make clocks, teachers and police will at least learn what a clock looks like, even on the inside." Here's hoping.


[ OTM Post-Debate Coverage Bingo! ]

We watched the debate last night so that you didn't have to. And we whipped up a little post-debate coverage bingo to help you survive the coming days of nit-picking and analysis. Print it at home, mark it off, and if you get bingo...feel good about yourself!

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Wildfires are currently raging throughout the American West and Northwest, displacing thousands. But even if this year's fires seem worse than in years past, they're certainly not unprecedented. Back in 2007, Brooke spoke to Mike Davis, author of Ecology of Fear, about the media's often shoddy track record of covering fires, particularly those in California.

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Last week we spoke to Doug Saunders about some of the myths and false narratives about the refugee crisis in Europe that often make their way into the reporting. This week we're digging further into the crisis, including a look at the anti-refugee/anti-immigration memes that are blowing up on social media. Spoiler alert: they're not entirely accurate. Stay tuned.

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Dear Readers and Listeners,

We'd like to announce that On the Media, following in the footsteps of several other sites we admire, will no longer be hosting comments on our website as of this week.

We value our listeners above all and are always keen to know what you're thinking, to hear your questions and concerns, to get feedback on what you like and dislike. So why shut down the comment section? As we hear more from listeners through Facebook and Twitter and directly through our website, we've concluded that the comment section just isn't the best way to have the kind of dialogue we want with our listeners.

See you on Twitter/Facebook!


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