Season Four of Black Mirror, the Emmy-award-winning Netflix hit, comes out December 29th, aka soon! The perfect time to revisit one of my favorite interviews all year, with show creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones.

Maybe you've never seen Black Mirror. That's okay. Because their fiction seems to keep manifesting in reality.  Stories about preserving dead loved ones through AI. Social scoring and ranking. Hacking personal details for extortion. I asked them how it feels to basically predict the future. And Charlie said he doesn’t. He just has a sarcastic vision of the present.

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I have said before that we all love Black Mirror here on Note to Self. And this is true. With one slight asterisk. One member of the team admires the show’s grim humor, gorgeous aesthetic, incredible acting. But she can’t watch it. Just watching the trailer for last season gave her nightmares. Because it hits so. Close. To home. For the rest of our small but mighty team, we'll be watching as we say so long and good riddance to 2017.


We here at Note to Self are dedicated to tackling complex issues with nuance and humanity. We want to help you make choices online that feel good for you. This year, that has been no small task. And chances are, 2018 will be a doozy too.

So, I’ve gotta ask: what’s it worth to have this small but mighty team help you navigate this accelerating world? A monthly sustaining gift of 7 or 10 bucks a month would make a real difference to us. Want to give just once? Maybe $50 for the whole year. That’s a popular level. You can pick any number that’s good for you, but please believe me when I say you are a vital part of this Note to Self universe. And thank you.

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This year we got bored. We hoarded our precious dopamine for genuine joy, not the quick hit of an Instagram refresh. To keep that sparkle for offline moments with friends and family. Now, it’s the holidays. Why not give gifts of boredom?  
  • Glass Pot. You can literally watch water boil. A splurge for the overstimulated design fetishist. 
  • Tea kettle. For the classic type, your friend with a buzzing mind and a shelf full of teas. 
  • Turf. For the over-achiever in your life. This stuff never grows, but they can still watch for it. Guaranteed boredom, forever.


Hey, here’s an idea: throw in the Bored and Brilliant book. Or give a little gift to yourself, in the form of permission to zone out. I know I’ll be thinking about our movement as the year comes to a close. And planning for even more productive thinking ahead.

Wishing you a peaceful and restful last few weeks of 2017.

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