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August  16, 2013 - Volume 12  Issue 31
Edition # 569

1926: John B. Foster talks about the latest in baseball. (see below)

1930: Grover A. Whalen, New York City's official greeter, introduces the 80-year-old Sir Thomas Lipton. Lipton has just arrived aboard the ocean liner Leviathan on his way to a fifth attempt at the America’s Cup trophy.

1958: Music Director Herman Neuman presents music from Holland in this episode of Hands Across the Sea.

2000: John Schaefer presents music for guitar by Leo Kottke, Davey Graham, John Fahey, and others on this edition of New Sounds.
     Leading Sports Writer on WNYC in 20s

On January 18, 1926, John B. Foster (1863-1941) provided a moment-to-moment word picture of the Metropolitan Indoor Ice Skating Championship from Madison Square Garden. It was the first of at least a dozen broadcast sport remotes and talks he made for WNYC between 1926 and 1929.

Foster was the editor of The Spalding Baseball Guide (since 1908) and the former secretary and business manager of the New York Giants. He wrote for the New York Evening Telegram The New York Sun and The Herald as well as the Consolidated Press Association syndicate.

(Photo: John B. Foster (circa 1910-1915) Bain News Service, Library of Congress)


 Online Courses? Try Wireless from WNYC!

"With the ether as its campus and hundreds of thousands of private residences as its lecture hall, the college of the air...has proved to be an immense success, according to reports from listeners. Dr. Frederick B. Robinson, the President of the City College in an interview, highly lauded the results of broadcasting educational features...'It is entirely proper that the faculty of the college should bring the advantages of their researches and studies to as many as possible. In fact, there is no compensation offered our faculty, for the radio lectures over WNYC, but they are nevertheless, given freely and willingly as a good will offering to the community...

"WNYC presents two lectures by C.C.N.Y. faculty members every day excepting Saturday and Sunday. Each department of the college has designated a 'Professor of the Air College,' Topics include languages, history, hygiene, government, physics, chemistry and from the faculty room of the City college."

Source: Excerpts from Samuel Kaufman writing in "Many College Courses Broadcast Over Radio," The Pittsburgh Press, December 4, 1927.
WNYC First day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924. 
Municipal Archives Collection.

American Mavericks From the Archives on Q2

Who Won the 1994-1995 WQXR Classical Countdown?

       The Top Ten

1. Beethoven Symph No. 9   ("Choral")
2. Beethoven Symph No. 5
3. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
4. Beethoven Symph No. 6 ("Pastorale")
5. Mahler: Symph No. 1 ("Titan")
6. Dvorak Symph No. 9 ("The New World")
7. Beethoven: Symph No. 7
8. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 ("Emporer")
9. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2
10. Beethoven: Symph No. 3 ("Eroica")

News & Notices:


WNYC's 90th year of broadcasting is upon us. (The actual anniversary is next July 8th) In this space we'll be linking to various WNYC champions and milestones. This week: Morris S. Novik: Public Radio Pioneer.

This week marked the 10th anniversary of the 2003 power blackout. With help from Andrea Bernstein and Beth Fertig we were able to locate some key field recordings for Beth's piece: Remembering the 2003 Blackout.

The New Museum recently opened a curious exhibit that straddles media curation and preservation. Called XFR STN (read “transfer station”), it invites video artists to reformat their work from obsolete formats into a digital form, and invites access by other museum visitors. See: XFR.

The WNYC Facebook page has a station timeline (1922-present) with more than 593 milestones, photos, and links to audio. (Right hand column)

We're also working on the WQXR Facebook timeline. (1929 - present)

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