This week, I’m at SXSW. Prime opportunity for some high-wattage Instagram posts. Me with other podcast hosts! Me with my new swag bag! Me eating breakfast tacos! Feel the FOMO, followers. 

But that’s not really me. So I decided to take a page from a listener named Brad. Who listened to last week’s episode on sharing family photos, and told me that he draws little comics about his life - especially things he does with his kids. And then posts that instead of a photo.

Our producer Kat made rainbow sprinkle hamantaschen with her kids this weekend. And then drew one. (No, it’s not a sushi. She makes radio for a living, not drawings, ok?)
Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic of our production team, recording an interview. One I cannot wait to bring you.

And since the Internet is nothing without cats (and pizza, and binging TV)…

In last week’s show, psychologist Guy Winch talked about the joys and pitfalls of posting family pictures. Writer Charlotte Philby talked about quitting Instagram, then rejoining to connect with far-off friends. And you shared your stories, hundreds and hundreds of them. The trans man who is *so* thankful his parents didn’t post pics of his childhood. The mom explaining likes to her kids. Our pictures can say say more than we intend. Maybe once in a while, a drawing is enough.



We’re back with a new episode, featuring a woman I’ve wanted to talk to *forever*: the Guardian's data editor Mona Chalabi. On turning dry stats into viral posts, quantifying her life, and pizza as the great American equalizer. We almost called the show Dames, D*cks and Data. You know you’re curious.

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