We like to think our problems are unique. No one else knows the struggle of being you. And on some existential level, that’s probably true. But your digital trouble spots are definitely common ground.

Is there a secret to managing the overload of information coming at us every day? What about all those random accounts I've signed up for over the years—can I EVER make them go away? And how do I stay plugged in with friends and family if I've decided to break up with social media? We have answers. It’s the first ever Note to Self advice show.

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And yes, choices will have to be made. Ignorance may be bliss but sorry, it's too late for that and you're too smart anyway.
Also, meet the woman behind the Note to Self inbox, Assistant Producer Megan. She answers your emails, so this week she's on the show with me.


I say "yes!" And actually, I have to because I've been paired with sociologist Eric Klinenberg to debate that side of the argument vs. heavy hitters from and OkCupid. If you agree, give me some ammunition! Tell me your worst/funny most unromantic story about online dating. Or just screengrab and send me that super unsexy text you got.

If you’re in New York City, you can come witness this debate on February 6th. Tickets here. Or you can stream it, at the Intelligence Squared website.



We compiled aaallll the links and tips from the advice show on this week’s show page. Including the best oatmeal cookie recipe ever. If you liked this advice thing, let us know, we'll do it again. Or maybe we’ll solve all the digital problems soon, and it’ll be a moot point. 

Love, Dear Abby.  

JK, love Manoush (and Megan, who doesn't know who Dear Abby is. Which is fine.)
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