Happy holidays from all of us at Death, Sex & Money!
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I hope you're having a great day! 

If you exchange presents this time of year, I hope you have received a perfect mix of 1. gifts you need but would never get around to buying yourself (nice socks) and 2. delightful gifts you'd never think of (cinnamon and clove-infused heated back pad).

We have a gift in your feed today that we hope is both: something you need and a total delight. 

As you'll hear, the six members of Team Death, Sex & Money (Katie, Anabel, Afi, Andrew, Emily and me) were together last week in the same New York City studio. And we looked back together at our favorite moments from the show in 2019. 

It was a really fun exercise. So much happened this year, on the show and in my life, that I appreciated the prompt to remember it all together, all at once. I hope this episode does the same for you. 

One more thing—we end today's episode with a moment of tape from writer Saeed Jones that didn't make it into our episode with him. He told me about how his mother, Carol Sweet-Jones, used to urge him to think about his "determinations" at the start of a new year. Not resolutions...determinations. Saeed wrote a new essay this week about his mother and their determinations, which you can read here

We love this idea of determinations. So we asked Saeed if we could celebrate it and ask you to share your determinations for 2020, and he was totally in. So let's do it. Think about your determinations. They can be a goal, an attitude, a ritual you want to adopt—anything! Record a voice memo of your determinations for 2020 and send it to us at

We'll share audio of all our of determinations after the new year, so we can take inspiration from each other. 

Until then, keep enjoying this holiday season and we'll be in touch in the new year. 

Anna and the Death, Sex & Money team

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Happy holidays from the Death, Sex & Money team!

Don't forget to send us your New Year's determinations! Record a voice memo telling us what they are and send it to us at, or take a picture and tag us on Instagram or Twitter @deathsexmoney.
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