Open to see my dad enjoying our new DSM mug.
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Host Anna Sale and the logos for Death, Sex & Money and WNYC Studios, all on a beige background.
I don't get to be with my folks this Christmas like usual, so it was nice to get this text from my mom a few weeks ago:
A screen shot of a text message from Anna's mom. The screen shot includes a photo of Anna's dad, an elderly white man with messy white hair, thick-rimmed tortoiseshell glasses. He's sitting at a table covered with red and white checked cloth by a window and is wearing a gray robe, a black watch, while drinking from a beige, diner-style mug with the Death, Sex & Money logo on it in black and yellow. Part of a lamp and picture frame are in the background on the photo, and the text message below the photo reads, "He changed from his favorite mug."
That's my dad, with what he calls his "Bernie Sanders" morning look, as he told me when I asked if I could use this picture for a celebrity endorsement of our new Death, Sex & Money mug.

And you too could have one in your hands, if you make a year-end donation to support our show!
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As this hard, long year comes to an end, and you're considering whether you have any extra money to contribute to charitable needs and causes you value, we hope you think of Death, Sex & Money. If your budget is too strained or there's too much uncertainty this year, we totally get it. But if you have some room to give, we hope you'll contribute, to support the community we're building together. And, like my dad, you can start 2021 with a new favorite mug!

If this community has brought you comfort this year; if you've heard stories that gave you new perspective; if you had an unexpected laugh—we hope you'll chip in. Every donation makes a difference. Thank you so much. 

—Anna and the Death, Sex & Money team
"I gave this year to Death, Sex & Money because I think you're exploring difficult subjects. We really need to get better at having difficult conversations with people on the other side of an issue in this polarized society of ours."
—Doug, Massachusetts 

"I recently became a sustaining donor, almost five years since a friend insisted I would absolutely love your show. Clearly he was right, and giving back to it was long overdue. To a person, your guests are able to be open, because you truly understand how to listen, and you make space for the truth, no matter how messy it can be."
—Stacie, Ottowa, Canada

Join Stacie, Doug, and all of our wonderful donors in supporting our work at Death, Sex & Money!

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Happy holidays and thank you from all of us at Death, Sex & Money!
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