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1924: Vaughn De Leath, 'the first lady of radio,' sings in the studio with Martin's Orchestra.

1949: Governor Thomas E. Dewey and Robert Moses speak at New York Zoological Society ground-breaking ceremony for a new wildlife section at the Bronx Zoological Park.  Dewey told the assembled and those listening at home: "The world as a whole is already short of food, and population is growing at the rate of 60,000 human beings a day...Viewed in this light, conservation becomes a solemn duty."

1956: Media critic Gilbert Seldes talks about why people will go to see a bad movie faster than a good one on The Lively Arts.
1978 Times, Post & News Pressmen on Strike: WNYC to the Rescue

Long before the World Wide Web, the second week of August, 1978, to be precise, WNYC decided to come to the aid of newspaper-starved New Yorkers. Teaming up with NPR and reporters from the three striking papers, WNYC produced a news program to fill the gap created by the walkout. The show premiered on August 20 and was co-anchored by Fred Ferretti of The Times and Jerry Tallmer of the Post. The program was patterned after the Sunday newspapers, with a mixture of news and features that New Yorkers were unable to read about including local politics and the courts.


Hitchcock on WNYC's Film Forum

July 12, 1938:  The WNYC program Film Forum,  hosted by Otis Ferguson, had as a guest British film director Alfred Hitchcock.  The topic was the making of a  melodrama.  Hitchcock's appearance  on WNYC was the basis for his October, 1938 piece in The National Board of Review Magazine titled: "Some Aspects of Direction."
From the Great Auteur Himself
"The best actors are those who can be effective even when they are not doing anything. Understatement is priceless, and that is why I make melodramas, because they lend themselves so admirably to understatement...."
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924
(Municipal Archives Collection)

  WQXR - 'Long Reads' from WWII

Parents Held Lax in Sex Education
 "Parents are not doing the job that they might in instructing their children on sex. This was declared yesterday by six high school students, three boys and three girls, discussing 'Should High Schools Include Sex Education?" over radio station WQXR.

"The students appeared on the Youth Forum sponsored by The New York Times. They said parents became emotionally involved and lacked objectivity in discussing sex and that parents often were not equipped to give adequate sex information and needed supplementary aid..."

Source: The New York Times, December 5, 1948. p. 77 WNYC's 90th anniversary has passed. We're now officially a nonagenarian radio station. In this space we'll be linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones. This week: The Flexner Incident: Not One of Our Finer Moments.

This week, Archives Manager John Passmore gave a talk on our mass CD migration project at Digital Preservation 2014, the annual meeting of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIPP) at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  Read a pre-conference interview at: CD MIGRATION.

The WNYC Facebook page has a station timeline (1922-present) with more than 607 milestones, photos, and links to audio. (Right hand column)  This week: 1922.

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