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July 17, 2015 - Volume 14  Issue 28
Devil Edition # 666


Police alarms from the NYPD on crime and missing persons.

Becky Reyher speaks with John Saunders, of the Museum of Natural History, who says that visits to the museums should supplement trips to parks and zoos. He suggests ways to integrate school lessons into educational day trips.

1963: Commissioner Robert Moses and former New York Governor Charles Poletti talk about the upcoming New York World's Fair in Flushing Meadows.

1970: Martin Scorsese talks
about curating New York City's inaugural Movies in the Park film series, as well as his thoughts on the direction of the New American Cinema, on Artists in the City.

1983: Hall-of-Famer Monte Irvin on his time in the Negro leagues during a round table discussion led by host Walter James Miller for The Reader's Almanac.
Catherine Whittemore, Chief Receptionist  at The New York Stock Exchange. (WNYC Archive Collections)
'Miss Exchange' to Report Daily on WNYC

"Marking the first live radio coverage of the Exchange on a daily basis, the new WNYC series will feature Miss Catherine Whittemore, Chief Receptionist at the Stock Exchange. Unanimously selected to read the daily report, Miss Whittemore was considered an apt choice for two reasons: first, as women control the major portion of wealth in the country, it was fitting to have a woman financial reporter for the unique new series; and secondly, Miss Whittemore is a financial expert of long standing, having been with the Exchange for over a quarter of a century." Whittemore was also known as 'Miss Exchange.'

Source: WNYC Press Release, April 13, 1956. (Photo: WNYC Archive Collections)

Editor's Note: The reports began on April 16, 1956.  In  September, 1957 a handful of small midwestern and Texas papers ran an article that described Whittemore as the "beautiful-but-not-dumb blonde dynamo" heading up the Exchange's corps of 'Girl Guides' explaining the financial institution to more than 300,000 visitors annually. The papers quoted the ex-model, fashion designer and pilot as saying, "You have to know the answers. One slip and you might find a 10-year-old boy correcting you. This could prove embarrassing."  Whittemore was actually married with a two-year-old daughter at the time.
WNYC first day of broadcast, July 8th, 1924 (Municipal Archives Collection)

The WQXR Great Artists Series


  The last 96.3 WQXR logo.
WNYC celebrated its 91st birthday last week.  In this space we've been linking to various historical WNYC champions and milestones. This week we salute one of our very first listeners: Harry Scheuerman

Which U.S. President singled out WNYC Director Seymour N. Siegel when he signed major legislation into law?  Find out at: The Name Dropper.

WNYC's Animated Past - A Proposal

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