An update from Vanessa and Freddy after the Supreme Court's decision on DACA.
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After last week's Supreme Court decision on DACA, ruling that the Trump administration's attempts to end it were against the law, we thought of Vanessa and Freddy, the couple I first spoke to back in 2018. Back then, they told me about their love story and about living in uncertainty with Freddy's status as a DACA recipient. (You also may remember them from this cute drawing a friend made of them.) 
We reached out to them after the Supreme Court decision, and they sent along this update about all they've been up to since. 
"We definitely had a small celebratory moment with Freddy's siblings on the SCOTUS ruling—we are very grateful that the program won't be canceled, although we are not holding our breath that Trump won't try another way to cut it. Given the pandemic, USCIS is at a standstill so our process remains in a holding pattern, but thankfully that is not bad news. It will just take a bit longer, but we aren't in a rush right now; just staying sane and healthy!

Freddy came down with a mild case (relatively speaking) of COVID back in March so that was very stressful, but thank God it ultimately was not a bad situation long term. The pandemic and quarantine period has been rough, as we haven't been able to have relatives around to help with the baby, but the bright side is we've been able to be with him every day and watch his growth. Our baby was born 9 weeks early - initially due Feb. 26 and arrived on December 27! [Our son] decided he was going to bypass all the Coronavirus drama and came early, ha - never a dull moment in this family! He is almost six months old and well out of the danger zone as far as being a preemie goes, so we enjoyed a very nice first Father's Day this weekend with Freddy's family."
And you can listen back to Freddy and Vanessa here if you missed that episode the first time. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

—Anna and the Death, Sex & Money team
Stay tuned for our episodes on touch and intimacy during the pandemic next week.
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