2012  A busy year for Going Abroad
2012 was a busy year for Going Abroad and everybody involved in the project.  As the work(shops), meetings, recruiting etc.  take place in three different countries, it is hard to keep track of all the events, and therefore, we decided to put together a little overview of the happenings of 2012 for you.

2012 with Going Abroad…

In Lithuania, the Going Abroad - Year began in January with a workshop called "Formation of Branch Networks" at the Business Information Centre in Rietavas.

In February, the series continued with "Together Towards Business Success" – a workshop to introduce different support structures for entrepreneurs.

In March, there was a meeting held in Kristianstad, Sweden, where the first three Cross-Border Success Teams were started:
Team Eightpack, HABBLYK and Südschweden (Southern Sweden)
In April, Lithuania invited everybody  to the dissemination conference “Bee Seen” in Rietavas, where the project was introduced and thoughts and experiences were exchanged. It was especially exciting that five Lithuanian Success Teams were started there and then – three in Rietavas and two in Kretinga.
In June, it was time for a workshop in Kristianstad, called “Company Development and Your Possibilities to Create Contacts in Germany and Lithuania".
After the summer, the 2nd Cross Border Meeting took place in Rostock, in the end of September. About 40 women from the three participating countries met to exchange ideas, discuss their problems and to strengthen the relationships within the teams.
In October, it was time for The South Baltic Programme Annual Event 2012 – this year in Ronneby, Sweden. Results and the implementation of the project as a whole were introduced and discussed, and moreover, many of the projects involved (just as Going Abroad) presented themselves – at the moment, there are 61.
In Kristianstad, the Going Abroad - year endet with a workshop on “Pedagogics for equal IT”  and in  Rostock  with two workshops (part 1 and 2): "Towards Entrepreneurial Success – As Part of a Success Team; Branch networks and Success Teams 2013"
By far not every activity is listed here the newsletter would get way too long otherwise... We hope to provide an overwiev over some of the project's activities and to show that  Going Abroad has been very active.
Going Abroad's Branch Network - connect your business  accoss branches and borders.
Going Abroad's Branch Network

2013 will be equally busy for the project, that much is for sure. So far, we established a branch network on the homepage, which you find here.              Going Abroad's Branch Network

The network provides a list of business women, their companies, the different branches they work with and what they are looking for. 
The idea is that the branch network  creates new ideas, valuable business contacts, possibilities to market your business together with someone else ...
If you want to join the network, you find a form to fill in and send in on the homepage.
We hope that many of you will join the branch network, because the more people join it/the bigger it gets - the more interesting it becomes and the more people will find useful contacts, help and inspiration.
Please spread the word and help us promote Going Abroad's branch network. 
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At the moment, we are looking forward to and preparing for the next Cross Border Meeting in Växjö, where "old and new" participants from Lithuania, Germany and Sweden will meet and continue or start working together.
Below, you find the programme for the Cross Border Meeting and the Dissemination Conference. You also find both programmes on the calendar on the Going Abroad homepage


Going Abroad Cross Border meeting in

Växjö, Sweden, 2013

Arrival at 28th of February

German participants: arrive in Trelleborg about 13.45, go by bus to Växjö

Lithuania, Rietavas: arrive in Karlshamn kl 9.00, go by own cars to Växjö

Lithuania, Kretinga: arrive in Karlshamn?

Elite Stadshotellet Växjö
Kungsgatan 6
+46 470 13400

Meeting with Birgitta Estberg/Visit to Leader-project/networking

1st of March

8.00-9.15 Start with networking at the breakfast for the entrepreneurs, presentations and get to know each other. Stadshotellet in Växjö

10.00-16.30 Dissemination conference and Time for “fika” – the art of doing business in Sweden.

Växjö Konserthus, Västra Esplanaden 10, Växjö,

Late afternoon: free time in the city

19.00 Dinner, participating is Bo Frank, Växjö kommun, municipal commissioner and chairman of the municipal executive committee

2nd of March

The Day of Success Teams

9.00 Presentation: Results and Evaluation of the Success Teams in 2012 (Swedish and German participants together)

10.00 Kickoff meeting of the 4 new international Success Teams

(Start of new success teams, matching, preconditions and structure of the meetings, tools of communication, minutes)

10.00 Participants in ongoing success teams have success teams meetings in their teams

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Continuation of the meetings, the 4 new Success Teams have their first meetings (supported by the supporters)

14.00 Come together of all Success Teams, exchange of experiences, results and next steps

15.00 Coffee

15.30 Tools of communication, website, facebook, blog, emails, Maren Buchmüller will guide us

15.30-18.00 Partner meeting and steering committee meeting

Study visit to Moheda Sylt and Solveig and Bosse Nilsson

Dinner with Winnet Kronoberg and Winnet Skåne at Moheda Sylt

3rd of March

Lithuania: Visit to Leader-project

German participants: leave from Trelleborg about 15.00, go by bus from Växjö

Lithuania, Rietavas: leave from Karlshamn 18.00, go by own cars

Lithuania, Kretinga: leave?

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We go cross border in the South Baltic!

With great pleasure, we invite you to the dissemination conference of the project Going Abroad.

The purpose of the conference is to introduce achievements of the project Going Abroad and to share experiences and knowledge regarding female business and aspects of cross border affairs.

The conference is ended by a presentation about the art of doing business in Sweden for entrepreneurs. All participants are welcome also to this part of the conference.

Date: Friday the 1st of March 2013

Time: 10.00 – 16.30

Place: Växjö Konserthus
Västra Esplanaden 10

Register for the conference by 15th of February to Ulla-Britt Holmberg or to Bodil Nilsson


Welcome and presentation of the project, Bodil Nilsson, Ulla-Britt Holmberg, Solveig Cappelen, Maren Buchmüller

Welcome, Roland Gustbée, Regionförbundet Södra Småland

Gender analysis of the present situation in Germany, Lithuania and Sweden – labour market, entrepreneurship, cross border exchange in trade and business cooperation, Anita Zdrojewska- Lichosik, University of Szczecin/WRC Poland

Union of the Baltic Cities and the Commission on Gender Equality, Linda Gustafsson, Gender equality officer, Umeå,28

Plans for a Flagship project in the Baltic Sea Area, Britt-Marie S Torstensson, Winnet Sverige

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Experiences and results. Examples of achievements of the project Going Abroad with Laima Dockeviciene, Rasa Baliuleviciene, Snieguole Benikiene, Christiane Bannuscher, Solveig Cappelen, Ulla-Britt Holmberg and entrepreneurs from Lithuania, Sweden and Germany

14.00 Coffee break

Time for “fika” – the art of doing business in Sweden,
Michael Engström, Ahrens & Partners,

16.30 End

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