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You can help us improve access to education for youth across Africa by purchasing a t-shirt, 
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Introducing ... Save The Villages

October 2012

Greetings <<First Name>>.  I hope all is well with you. The purpose of this message is to introduce you to Save The Villages, a nonprofit organization founded to provide quality education for youth in sub-Saharan African countries. As a first generation Ghanaian-American, I have personally witnessed the challenges faced by youth while seeking a quality education in this region.

In 2006, while visiting family in Ghana,my wife and I began sponsoring two young children, giving them the chance to attend a quality boarding school. Six years later, the students now rank among the top of their high school class. Through our support, they'll now be able to successfully compete for enrollment at the university level in Ghana.

After many friends and associates expressed interest in our efforts, we decided to enable others to do the same.  As a result, Save The Villages was created to provide an opportunity for people to give back to those in need, particulary youth in rural Ghanaian villages. Continue reading below to learn about how you can get involved with Save The Villages and make a difference in the lives of youth.  

Who We Are

The mission of Save The Villages is to arm youth in developing countries with a competitive advantage to achieve success in the global marketplace. We will accomplish this goal by providing access to quality education and sponsoring community training and mentoring programs.  

Recognizing that education can break the cyle of poverty, families in developing countries sacrifice a great deal to ensure that their children are able to attend school. However, according to the World Bank, 72 million children worldwide still do not have access to even a basic education. Almost half of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa.  

We understand how essential education is for children living in villages throughout developing countries, and seek to tackle the issue of providing quality education for all children in these environments. When Save The Villages, Inc. achieves its mission, youth in developing countries will have the same opportunities available to them as those available to youth in what is considered the ‘developed’ world.

What We Do

Save The Villages fulfills its mission by implementing programs in three areas:

1. Providing Access To Quality Education. Through financial contributions and proceeds from fundraisers, we will provide youth with access to quality education through direct financial support of individual students as well as local schools.

2. Conducting Training & Mentoring. We will provide youth with a competitive advantage by offering various programs focused on education, training, and mentoring. In December 2012, we will host a community day in the Volta Region of Ghana that will involve a series of workshops on a range of topics geared toward the needs of local youth.

3. Raising Awareness. We have been engaged in various community activities and partnerships to raise awareness and concern for disadvantaged youth in developing countries. Visit our Partnerships page for details.

Save The Villages partners with Marques Dent and Back to School for Baltimore

How You Can Help

Save The Villages believes it takes a village to raise a child and that children are our future. Through our efforts and your assistance, we hope to alleviate the immense burden families face in providing education for their children and positively impact the well-being of impoverished youth.  
Here are four ways that you can help us achieve our mission:

  • Purchase a logo T-shirt. Join our other supporters and order one today. Wearing a logo t-shirt will increase awareness of our efforts and help us raise the funds needed to ensure youth in Ghana have access to good schools. 
  • Make a financial contribution. Your donation will help provide educational opportunities to youth and improve the quality of education schools provide to youth in Ghana.
  • Spread the word. Connect with us through social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) and share our news with your friends.
  • Join our team. Let us know if you're interested in volunteering your time and/or talents to assist with our various activities.

Thanks for taking time to learn about Save The Villages and I look forward to working with you. By providing the initial push to ensure youth have quality education, we can change the world, one village one at a time.


Isaac Y. Addae
Founder & President
Save The Villages, Inc.

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