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Wednesday is the last day to register to the next MTW lunchseminar

Welcome to Sahlgrenska University Hospital to hear Olle Corneliuson, neurosurgeon at Sahlgrenska, present the new method Transcranial Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy (MRgFUS). A light lunch will be served to those who register before Wednesday.

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MedTech West in California!

Read the latest post in the MTW blog to see what our researcher Michael Schöll is doing at Berkeley.

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Last chance to register for the
Brain´s Networks conference

The conference will give a snapshot of the current state of knowledge about the brain’s networks through perspectives from neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, structural MRI, functional brain imaging, advanced data analysis and mathematical modelling of neural networks.

Where and when? Gothenburg, September 18-20, 2015

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MedTech West professor Rolf Heckemann about his latest publication

Rolf Heckemann, Professor of Medical Imaging and Image Analysis at MedTech West and lead developer of the open-source software pincram, has recently published a paper in PLOS ONE together with long term collaborators at Imperial College London and King's College London.
- If someone wants to analyze an image using computer software, the first step is usually to distinguish the foreground from the background. Although this distinction comes naturally to a human observer most of the time, it tends to be a difficult challenge for software, Rolf Heckemann explains. In this paper, we show how the pincram method solves this problem for 3D medical images (MRI) of the head: pincram accurately identifies and outlines the brain, which is the structure we most commonly want to analyze on head images. Pincram works by comparing the target head images with a number of atlases -- reference images where the brain has already been outlined. Similar methods have been developed elsewhere, but pincram is special in that it makes use of freely available atlases and achieves extremely accurate results. 

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Pincram is open-source software available from


MedTech West professor
Paul Hockings´ new position at Antaros

Paul Hockings, Adjunct Professor at MedTech West since 2013, has recently joined Antaros Medical AB based at the BioVenture Hub in Mölndal, Sweden, as Director of Imaging. Antaros is a unique service provider of innovative MRI/PET imaging techniques to small biotech as well as big pharma. Antaros focuses on small to medium sized studies (10-300 patients) enabling solid decision making after phase 1b and phase 2; as well as providing strong foundation for differentiation of products in the life cycle management space. Core competencies –scientifically, technically and drug development wise- are in the cardiometabolic space.

In his new role Paul will partner with potential clients to identify imaging endpoints that enable drug development in the safest, fastest, most cost effective way possible. He will be pivotal in the planning, design and execution of subsequent imaging clinical trials.

Paul is an expert in the use of medical imaging technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. During his 20+ years of experience at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca Paul has developed novel imaging biomarkers to quantitate disease progression and regression. He has established and led imaging groups in the UK and Sweden to deliver solutions to complex biomedical questions.

- My link to MedTech West is even more important in this new role, says Paul Hockings. MedTech West is a platform that will allow innovative new imaging endpoints to be road tested for ease of use and robustness before being applied in clinical trials. The qualification of new imaging biomarkers is a well-known bottleneck for drug development. 


Stefan Candefjord´s new assignment at Chalmers

On July 1st 2015, Stefan Candefjord started his new position as Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Electromagnetics research group at the department of Signals and Systems. The focus of this group is on the development of new and more effective medical methods and systems for diagnostics and treatment of different illnesses. Stroke diagnostics, breast cancer detection, occult traumatic injuries detection, microwave tumor treatment and localization of epileptic brain activity are a few examples.

By the recruitment of Stefan Candefjord, the group aims to strengthen its competence in the fields of stroke and trauma diagnostics, prehospital clinical decision support, and eHealth. A major focus will be to initiate clinical studies and perform clinical evaluations of the diagnostic methods, including functionality and patient benefit. The position will last for four years with an evaluation after 2 years.

New PhD student

Måns Larsson recently started as a PhD student in the Computer Vision and Image Analysis Group with the MedTech West professor Fredrik Kahl as his supervisor. Måns research focus is within medical image analysis. Måns is already a familiar face at MedTech West, since he wrote his master´s in Complex Adaptive Systems this spring here in our facilities. 

Welcome back to MedTech West, Måns!

On September 9-10 you will find MedTech West at this years Nordic Life Science days in Stockholm in the same stand as Business Region Göteborg, Gothia Forum and Sahlgrenska Science Park. We hope to see you there!
NLSDAYS webpage>>

Last year MedTech West were hosting Medicinteknikdagarna and the Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics at Svenska Mässan here in Gothenburg. This years Medicinteknikdagarna will take place in Uppsala on October 13-14.

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MedTech West rekryterar projektledare

Medtech West söker en projektledare med uppdrag att effektivisera vår förmåga att initiera fler medicintekniska forskningsprojekt där också små och medelstora företag är aktiva parter. Arbetet omfattar etableringen av en öppen samverkansarena med koppling till regionens nya Bild- och interventionscentrum (BoIC) vid Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset, där kliniska experter, företag och medicintekniska forskare kan mötas för att identifiera vårdutmaningar och starta nya gemensamma forskningsprojekt.

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