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Medtech Week 2016

MedTech West´s Henrik Mindedal having lunch with Mia Engman Hyrén from Swedish Medtech
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A week full of medtech in all of Europe

European MedTech Week is a week-long programme of events and activities across Europe aiming to raise awareness and create a conversation about medical technology. The 2016 theme was how medtech can support people throughout their everyday lives, from diagnosis to cure. Swedish Medtech and Medtech4Health have been arranging several activities here in Sweden with the first one in Linköping on 13 June and the last one in Stockholm on 17 June. Read more here>>

MedTech West was this year´s host of Medtech Week in western Sweden. On 16 June, eight researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg and SP (Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut) presented a small selection of their research within the field of medtech. The interesting presentations were followed by discussions with both politicians and representatives from patient interest groups as well as the academia and medtech industry on how the medtech research can become beneficial to the patients. Even during lunch and coffee break the discussions never seemed to end- a good sign for future gatherings!

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Hampus was 6 months when his parents noticed that something was wrong. He couldn´t hear the fire alarm or any other loud noise. Read the story about how medtech helped 3-year-old Hampus to hear and talk.

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MedTech West professor Paul Hockings in kidney imaging collaboration with his Antaros Medical, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Astra Zeneca

A pioneering kidney imaging research collaboration supported and facilitated by MedTech West has been announced this spring by Antaros Medical, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and AstraZeneca. Paul Hockings, director of imaging at Antaros, is adjunct professor at MedTech West since 2013. The aim of the study is to develop new tools to treat chronic kidney disease (CKD). The collaboration partners will work together to examine a range of imaging endpoints in patients with CKD with the aim to determine which imaging biomarkers are best suited to follow CKD progression in clinical trials of new drugs to treat CKD.

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MedTech West researcher Rubén Buendía in the Physiological Measurement (PMEA) Highlights of 2015

Researcher Rubén Buendía

Determination of body fluids is a useful common practice in determination of disease mechanisms and treatments. Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) methods are non-invasive, inexpensive and rapid alternatives to reference methods such as tracer dilution. However, they are indirect and their robustness and validity are unclear. In this article, state of the art methods are reviewed, their drawbacks identified and new methods are proposed. All methods were tested on a clinical database of patients receiving growth hormone replacement therapy. Results indicated that most BIS methods are similarly accurate (e.g.  <  0.5   ±   3.0% mean percentage difference for total body water) for estimation of body fluids. A new model for calculation is proposed that performs equally well for all fluid compartments (total body water, extra- and intracellular water). It is suggested that the main source of error in extracellular water estimation is due to anisotropy, in total body water estimation to the uncertainty associated with intracellular resistivity and in determination of intracellular water a combination of both.

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MedTech West researcher Malin Åberg-Björnsdotter first author of publication in JAMA psychiatry

Researcher Malin Åberg-Björnsdotter
 A study by the MedTech West researcher Malin Åberg-Björnsdotter published on 20 April in the scientific journal JAMA Psychiatry shows that a new method for measuring brain activity can distinguish autism in boys. The results may lead to new methods for e.g. evaluating effect of treatments.

Malin Björnsdotter, researcher at MedTech West, the Sahlgrenska Academy and Linköping University, has in collaboration with researchers at Yale University and The George Washington University in the US developed a new method for identifying and tracking functions of the brain that are affected in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The method provides a quantitative measure of activity in a certain brain circuit linked to social interaction- something that people with ASD have difficulty with.

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Rights to award doctoral degrees gained at the University of Borås

Bilden använd med tillstånd av Högskolan i Borås
It was recently announced that the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Wellfare at the University of Borås has gained rights to award doctoral degrees within the area The Human Perspective in Care. This means that all faculties at the university now have the right to offer doctoral degree programmes.

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Medtech4Health awards West coast projects

Professor Bo Håkansson

New technology for diagnosis of vertigo symptoms

MedTech West is one of the nodes for the national strategic innovation program Medtech4Health, who´s first call, Medicintekniska innovationer inom vård och omsorg, is now completed, and all applicants are informed. Over 100 applications were received, but only 15 projects have been awarded grants. Both projects from western Sweden belongs to the same research group led by Bo Håkansson, professor at the department of Signals and systems, Chalmers University of Technology.

- Vertigo is one of the most anxiety-inducing neurological symptoms and it can have many different causes. Therefore having the best diagnostic methods possible is of great importance, and the funding will allow us to improve the diagnostic methods by using a further developed audiometric bonevibrator, says Bo Håkansson.

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Max Ortiz Catalan

Phantom limb pain project

Max Ortiz Catalan, assistant professor at the department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology, and the principle investigator for the second of the awarded projects says:

– Our project is about a novel treatment for phantom limb pain using machine learning and augmented reality. The project will be multi-disciplinary; a collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Örebro University Hospital, BräckeDiakoni Rehabcenter Sfären, and Integrum AB.

MedTech West congratulates Bo Håkansson, Max Ortiz Catalan and their research team!



Medtech4Health is a Swedish strategic innovation program that supports innovation in Medical Technology. In June 2015 Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova approved 97 MSEK to the program for the first 3 year period. Most of this funding will be available through calls that started in the beginning of 2016.

Watch a presentation of the program here (in Swedish)>>

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eNursing project receives SEK 499.000 from Vinnova

The eNursing project has recently received half a million SEK in funding from Vinnova for a pre-study within the UDI (Challenge-driven innovation) programme. The two main goals of the pre-study are; 1) identify and define potential demonstrators at each participating care unit utilizing offerings from the project partners; 2) design and establish a new open arena, eNursing open arena, using the existing Prehospital ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park as template.

The project is led by Bengt Arne Sjöqvist at the department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers/MedTech West. Leif Sandsjö from MedTech West/University of Borås, Stefan Candefjord from MedTech West/Chalmers, and Nicklas Björklund from Domitor AB are workpackage leaders and part of the management team.

Staff news

Emily Ruzich recently completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge with the Autism Research Centre and has arrived at MedTech West and the SA/GU Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology to conduct postdoctoral research investigating effects of pediatric cancer treatment on memory and cognition. She primarily uses magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG), non-invasive techniques for assessment of brain activity with high temporal resolution. Her work is funded by the Swedish Barncancerfonden and is a collaboration with MedTech West researcher Justin F. Schneiderman, consulting physician Magnus Thordstein, and the pediatric oncologists Prof. Birgitta Lannering and Magnus Sabel of the Queen Sylvia Children's Hospital.

Welcome to MedTech West, Emily!
Mohammad Alipoor has joined MedTech West as a post-doctoral researcher at the Radiology department in the University of Gothenburg. During his PhD studies at Chalmers University of Technology, Mohammad has developed optimal gradient encoding schemes for diffusion-weighted MRI. You can read his thesis here:
In Mohammad´s new position he works together with Stephan Maier on new acquisition and reconstruction techniques for diffusion MRI.

Welcome to MedTech West, Mohammad!

Park Annual 2016

This year Park Annual will take place on 29 September 2016. The well-known life science innovation event gathers a lot of scientists, innovators, entrepeneurs, companies and investors to an exciting day in Gothenburg. As Always Sahlgrenska Science Park is the organizer. Don´t miss this!

Read more and register>>

Time to register for the NLS Days 2016

NLS Days logo

The Nordic Life Science Days 2016 takes place in Stockholm on 14-15 September. The conference offers conference sessions, panel discussions, company presentations, exhibition, face-to-face meetings and unique receptions, providing so many opportunities to network with peers, potential partners and investors.

Registration ends on 30 June.

Read more and register>>

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