Paris won't work: Trump’s executive order exposes what we have known for a while


Bjorn Lomborg

Trump's energy order won't ruin the planet

President Trump's executive order on energy and climate
policies has induced much criticism from environmental groups. In USA Today, Lomborg shows that the scrapped Clean Power Plan would only ever have reduced temperature rises by 0.023°F (0.013°C) at the end of this century.
Trump's order shows that the Paris climate treaty is merely a toothless "paper tiger" which can't fix global warming.
For that, we need green R&D.
The article is also available in Italian (Il Sole 24 Ore) and Spanish (Semana Sostenible, Colombia).

Data to find middle ground

A sad reality of this hyper-partisan, politicized era is that many policy proposals are immediately identified as either “left-wing” or “right-wing” and lauded and derided by partisans as if by rote, with little room for discussion about soundness or impact. But there is an alternative:
Using data to help us focus on the policies and investments that would have the biggest positive impact on society.

Read Bjorn Lomborg's column for Project Syndicate in five languages. It was published by newspapers around the world, including Arab News (Saudi Arabia), New Vision (Uganda), Times of Oman and Finmag (Czech Republic).

"Earth Hour" just feel-good

One billion people around the world recently switched off the lights for one hour. It is meant as a political statement against climate change. But this "Earth Hour," as Lomborg explained in an op-ed for USA Today, is just a feel-good exercise: Not only does it absolutely nothing for the planet. It also ignores the reality that what the world’s poorest need right now is more light and energy, not darkness.

The article was also published in Børsen (Denmark) and newspapers across Latin America, including Milenio (Mexico) and El Universal (Venezuela).

Doing Good Better

What is the best you can do for the world with limited means? Here is the answer, as Bjorn Lomborg presents the research of more than 80 of the world's top economists across all areas.
Introduced by Stewart Brand (of Whole Earth Catalogue fame) as the "world's leading do-good geek", you can watch Lomborg deliver his 50min talk to a full auditorium in San Francisco at the The Long Now Foundation.

The smartest solutions for Haiti

The Copenhagen Consensus Center is releasing new research papers written by top Haitian and international scholars, which explore a vast range of different policy options for the nation.

In Huffington Post, Lomborg introduces the Haiti Priorise project and writes about the research findings on e-voting to improve the election process, combating deforestation and pollution, improving Haiti’s emergency response network, girls' education, opportunities to reduce poverty, and closing the digital gap.

The articles were also printed in Haiti's biggest newspaper, Le Nouvelliste (in French language).

Intervention Benefit (USD) Cost (USD) BCR
E-Voting 90,954,010 17,068,000 5.3

Interventions BCR
Optimal agro-silviculture 3.0
Carbon pricing Infrastructure 1.4
Biogas scale up 2.2
Improved charcoal and wood stoves 3.9
LPG and ethanol stoves for households currently cooking with wood 1.3
LPG and ethanol stoves for households cooking with charcoal 2.2

Interventions BCR
Urban Ambulance network 7.8
National ambulance network 2.8
First responders and paramedics 15.8

Intervention BCR
Scholarship to improve girls’ school retention 4.4

Intervention BCR
Graduation 3.1
Microfinance 1.2

Intervention BCR
Complete immunization of children 0-1 13

Intervention BCR
Vocational training 2
Civics 5
Gap,year of vocational and civics 4

Intervention BCR
National Transmission Network 6
Distribution Networks 10

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