Ending our reliance on the fossil fuels that have powered two centuries of economic growth will require an energy revolution.


Bjorn Lomborg

Let's get our climate priorities straight

How much should the next US president be willing to spend on climate mitigation or retooling for renewable energy?

Bjorn Lomborg writes in Washington Post (and syndicated across the US) that he or she needs the courage to discard our current feel-good solutions. Instead of subsidizing more of today's ineffective green technologies, we need to start what philanthropist Bill Gates calls an “energy miracle“.

"A wealth of useful research" with "real impact"

The editorial board of Prothom Alo, a Bangladeshi newspaper with more than 9 million readers, wrote a leader praising Copenhagen Consensus's Bangladesh Priorities and the project's positive impact on policy-making.

The Finance Minister has "clearly been influenced. In the latest budget, he has, for the first time, used the word “priorities” to discuss implementation of the current Five Year Plan."

"Specifically, the budget emphasizes some of the most effective solutions prioritised by the Bangladesh Priorities."

"Bangladesh Priorities is making a real difference to Bangladeshi policy."

Britain's diesel trap

This winter the UK could subsidise 1.2GW of diesel generators as emergency backup power. They will cost more than a billion pounds in subsidies, and might end up polluting as much as a million more cars on the road.

This is not what you want in a climate policy. Lomborg explains in The Telegraph that green R&D is needed to find lasting solutions to renewables' intermittency problems. In the medium term, natural gas could help Britain reduce both emissions and energy prices.

No-brainer development

Meeting all of the UN's 169 development targets would cost $3.3-4.5 trillion annually - about thirty times more money than the the world spent on aid last year.
When we don't have money for everything, let's spend first on that which does the most good.
Read Bjorn Lomborg's column for Project Syndicate in nine languages. It was published by newspapers around the world, including The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Vecer (Slovenia), O Notícias de Almeirim (Portugal), La Nacion (Costa Rica) and Times of Oman.

Many, many other problems besides global warming

At Meltingpot festival in the Czech Republic, Bjorn Lomborg gave a presentation on global problems like hunger, disease and poverty, which cause significantly more harm than climate change and can be addressed much more cost-effectively.

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