Is global warming the end of pasta?


Bjorn Lomborg

The End of Pasta?
From India to Turkey, Lomborg challenges the scaremongering, when Newsweek claims that global warming means the end of pasta.
Global warming scares don't make for good policy. Yes, warming will decrease food production some places but increase it almost as much in others. Overall we will feed ever more people ever better. 

If we want to do good, we should first focus on smart solutions to increase food production, such as higher-yielding varieties, more fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation. 
And if we want to help poor people, it is not first about cutting CO2, and certainly not about biofuels, but about making them richer. Read the full oped on Slate.

Solar Revival on ABC
An enthusiastic solar energy story was broadcast this week on American ABC.
Lomborg on ABC NewsLomborg cautions the enthusiasm, pointing out that yes, solar could cover much of our energy future, but first it needs to be much cheaper and we need to have fixed storage.

Record snow cover this December
December 2012 had the most snow cover on the Northern Hemisphere since 1966. This does not mean there is no global warming. But it means that many of its scare stories are silly.
Graph of December Snow Cover 1966-2012Remember the famous prediction from The Independent in 2000: "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past".
The East Anglia scientist Dr. Viner memorably uttered that because of global warming, "children just aren't going to know what snow is."
Well, no.

Media Hype
Reporters and environmental activists often exaggerate stories to make them more interesting. But it doesn't make for good decision making. John Stossel interviews Lomborg on topics ranging from GM foods to climate. (Click on Jan 11 episode)

China's stunning CO2 growth
Graph showing Chinas growing emissionsThe growth in the Chinese CO2 emissions in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 is equivalent of the entire emissions from Japan, Germany, Canada, UK and Australia

Best of Print 2012
"Environmental Alarmism, Then and Now" named one of the top 10 stories in Foreign Affairs 2012.

Here is your chance to read (or re-read) why "Limits to Growth" failed spectacularly and why its unfounded alarmism still affects our environmental thinking today.

It is Time to Save the World

For those of you who read Czech: Here are links to the recent interviews Lomborg gave to the business paper Hospodarske Noviny, the oldest Czech daily Lidové Noviny, and the news magazine Tyden.

This month the Danish Newspaper EB also spent a day with Lomborg in Prague:
EB visits Lomborg in Prague

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