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Bjorn Lomborg

New book out June 1
If you want to change the world, this inspiring and enlightening book is for you.
Featuring the cutting edge Copenhagen Consensus 2012 research of more than sixty eminent economists, including four Nobel Laureates, this book will inform, enlighten and motivate actions to make our world a better place.
Available to buy on Get your free copy from Copenhagen Consensus Center.

How to spend $75 billion
The world faces myriad challenges - yet we are constrained by scarce resources. In the 21st Century, how do we deal with natural disasters, tackle global warming, achieve better nutrition, educate children... and address countless global issues? Lomborg reaches out with smart solutions to the UN High Level Panel for post-MDG. 

Read the oped in the Huffington Post.

Hugging a Burning Tree
76% of all green energy comes from biomass, and it is not green. It diminishes biodiversity, over-extracts water, makes food more expensive, and wastes hundreds of billions of dollars – all while cutting down trees to burn them.

The commentary is published in dozens of papers around the world, read it in seven languages on Project Syndicate.

Blaming tornadoes
on global warming is wrong

Piers Morgan and Lomborg discuss global warming on CNN.
The official count of strong to violent tornadoes in the US do not show an increase but rather a downwards trend – approximately one less tornado every two years since 1954 – despite increasing temperatures. 
We need to make ourselves more resilient to tornadoes and hurricanes, and debate rationally how to tackle global warming. Lomborg elaborates in this new video.

Misguided energy transition
In the leading German business newspaper, Handelsblatt, Lomborg criticizes Germany's climate policy as "wishful thinking". The result is nothing but costly and inefficient feel-good policies. Read the article (in German).
Here is the argument in English: Watch Lomborg's Congress testimony.

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