Help the UN prioritize the world's next goals -- could be the best thing any of us do this decade


Bjorn Lomborg

Too many goals 

means no priorities

The UN is contemplating a successor scheme to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which directed perhaps $200 billion of development aid worldwide. Obviously, now everyone wants to get their favorite issue on the agenda.

To get a sense of what really works, not just what sounds good, Copenhagen Consensus is now asking some of the worlds top economists how much each target will cost and how much good it will do.
Read more in six languages on Project Syndicate. It was published in newspapers around the world, e.g. The Korea Times, or La Nacion (Costa Rica).

Lomborg presented a preliminary assessment at a jam-packed UN worskhop in New York with more than 80 participants from UN agencies, missions and NGOs.

EU should frack for energy freedom

The Russian-Chinese gas deal will exacerbate the EU energy crisis, but the bloc still seems intent on ignoring the only obvious solution – fracking – and fidgets at the margins with renewables. Extracting its own shale resources could help the EU become independent of Russian gas, while benefitting the crisis-ridden economy and cutting emissions much more efficiently.
Lomborg's commentary was published in London's City A.M., Berlingske (Denmark), La Tribune (France) and Napi Gazdaság (Hungary).

Is Humanity Moving Towards Cannibalism?

Worried environmentalist Paul Ehrlich has mostly been wrong in his long career. Today he again preaches apocalyptic scenarios about global food supply such as "we'll have to start eating our dead."

In his new LinkedIn Influencer post, Bjorn Lomborg rebuts Ehrlich with data -- showing how technological innovation has made more food available than ever before, and how a Green Revolution 2.0 could mean that by mid-century, 200 million fewer people would go hungry.

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Zero in on real issues

In South China Morning Post Lomborg stressed the importance of analyzing all costs and benefits when crafting sustainable development policies.

"China has no qualms about using a lot of coal and saying yes, it's dirty, yes it's polluting, but it has also lifted 680 million people out of poverty."

McCarthyism in Science

It is sad to observe the increasingly poisoned climate in climate science. When researchers mix up their role as a scientist with that of an activist and say we should not hear certain evidence if it doesn’t fit political conclusions, the reputation of science will inevitably diminish.

Climate science deserves better.

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