Gas is the realistic green opportunity this decade
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Bjorn Lomborg

Reignite UK economy and cut CO2

Our climate policies are removed from reality. Take the UK: they are reluctant to join the fracking revolution, which could make billions, create jobs and cut COâ‚‚. Instead they will spend huge subsidies for offshore wind, which will cost billions, destroy jobs elsewhere and cut much less COâ‚‚. 

We focus on insignificant—but very costly—green policies that make us feel good, while ignoring policies that would dramatically reduce emissions and make economic sense.

Lomborg explains in The Guardian, in Slate and papers around the world. Translation in 5 languages available on Project Syndicate.

Canada could also benefit from shale gas. In Lomborg's oped in The Globe and Mail, he shows how Canada could both help cut COâ‚‚ while benefiting the Canadian economy and its consumers. Also watch Lomborg discuss the issue with Ezra Levant.

Ideas worth spreading

In 2005, Bjorn Lomborg bounced onto the TED stage in Monterey to challenge the assembled audience to think about “the biggest problems in the world.”

TED is now publishing interviews with their most popular speakers. Read Since the TED Talk: Bjorn Lomborg is still thinking about “evil economics”

Poverty reduction in danger at World Bank

At the entrance of the World Bank headquarters in Washington, brass letters on the marble exclaim: "Our dream is a world without poverty."
With their recent, shoddy climate catastrophe analysis, there is a real risk the World Bank is going to endanger that dream. Read the full oped on Huffington Post (or here in The Australian).

As a response, an Australian living in the Philippines shared this real story of energy povery: "What people in the West fail to grasp is that my neighbours will burn choking, polluting charcoal, wood and even combustible rubbish, every morning and evening, if they can't afford electricity and gas."

On heat and cold

Excessive warming can be bad, but excessive cooling can be much worse.

From Lomborg's facebook.

Jobs, green jobs and no jobs

In response to Lomborg's USA Today op-ed, NRDC wrote a letter to the editor: "Millions of Americans who work in clean energy-related businesses would take issue with Bjorn Lomborg's claim that clean energy has a marginal role in addressing climate change" (

Lomborg' comment:

It is no surprise that the millions of Americans working in hugely subsidized green energy think that huge green subsidies are good.

But the benefits for the national economy as well as the climate are another story.

And even the argument of green jobs does not really work: although the deployment of renewables creates some new jobs, the higher, subsidized costs increase taxes elsewhere and destroy an equal number of jobs in the rest of the economy (or see the background report).

Watch Cool It online

If you're in Australia, you can now watch Lomborg's movie Cool It for free here.

Outside Australia, it is available in multiple formats from Amazon.

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