Trump's green energy R&D proposal could throw out the baby with the bathwater


Bjorn Lomborg

Planet-wide, inequality is dropping

Oxfam recently received considerable attention for claiming that there’s a global “inequality crisis,” but the report misses the forest for the trees: globally, income distribution is the most equal it has been in 100 years.

Lomborg argues in New York Post that Oxfam also fails to acknowledge that equality is about much more than money, and that inequality in health and education has rapidly decreased.

The article was also published in Danish newspaper Politiken, Sweden's newspaper of record Dagens Nyheter, and across Latin America, including in Mexico's Milenio.

Increased R&D is needed to reduce future hunger 

After achieving dramatic gains against hunger and famine, the world runs the risk of backsliding, owing to poorly considered choices. If we accept without scrutiny the idea that climate change is to blame for a recent uptick in global hunger and malnutrition, we are at risk of embracing the costliest and least effective solutions. What the world really needs is a Green Revolution 2.0.

Read Bjorn Lomborg's new column for Project Syndicate in six languages. It was published by newspapers around the world, including The Australian, Shanghai Daily (China), La Nacion (Costa Rica), The Daily Star (Lebanon), The Daily Times (Malawi), Times of Oman, Republica (Nepal) and Tageblatt (Luxembourg).

Lomborg also discussed the subject on Australia's highest-rating talk radio station, 2GB.

Trump is ill-advised to slash green energy R&D

A report that the Trump administration is poised to ask Congress for deep budget cuts to the Energy Department's renewable energy and energy efficiency programs has thus far generated less outrage than the White House’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Treaty, yet has the potential to be far more damaging to efforts to respond to climate change.

Lomborg argues in USA Today that electric vehicle subsidies wouldn't be missed, but dumping renewable energy R&D is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. More green energy R&D is needed, not less. 

Priorities for India's future

Recently, Dr. Manorama Bakshi, Senior Adviser for the India Consensus, spoke at the National Youth Festival 2018 about connecting with young people in India to find out about their views of national priorities. Punjab Outlook reported on the conference.

Visit the website to learn more about India Consensus and see the latest news on the two projects Rajasthan Priorities and Andhra Pradesh Priorities.

Solar and wind are far from taking over the world

Solar and wind are taking over from fossil fuels. We hear it all the time. But this notion is wrong, as Bjorn Lomborg explains in his latest LinkedIn Influencer post.

Today, solar PV and wind make up just 0.8% of global energy. In a quarter century, in 2040 – assuming all nations live up to their Paris promises – solar and wind will produce less than 4% of global energy, according to data from the International Energy Agency. That's why we need to invest a lot more in green energy R&D as argued above in USA Today.

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