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Our artists and inventors are all lined up for Opulent Mobility 2015!

The contributors are: Zeina Baltagi, Dr. Pat Beckmann and Luke Oller, Elaine Berezza and Claudia Barreto, A. Laura Brody, Bill Brody, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Laura Darlington, Yaron Dotan, Michael Garlington, Gini, Dr. Ju Gosling, Seth David Isakson, Larissa Nickel, Baxx Vlada Pantelic, Penny Richards, Sandwishes Studios, Greg Schenk, Katherine Sherwood, Priscilla Sutton and Ian Wood.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their work. Check out below to find out about the exhibit, my co-curators Anthony Tusler and Zeina Baltagi and staple draping at Scot Nery's Boobie Trap!

Opulent Mobility
Opulent Mobility will be September 9-19th at California State University, Northridge's West Gallery.
The gallery is accessible and admission is free. Come to the artist reception September 12th from 4-8 PM! Or the panel discussion September 12th from 1-3!
Anthony Tusler's About Disability
Anthony Tusler rocks. He's a disability arts activist, archivist and all-around super guy. We met virtually while I was setting up Opulent Mobility 2013 and he's been advising me ever since. His original photos from the 1977 UN protests demanding equal rights for the disabled are stellar.
Zeina Baltagi web site
Zeina Baltagi's artwork blew me away when we first met through OM 2013. She makes her own paper out of receipts, medical paperwork and bills and then turns them into a blank slate for her printmaking. She's also a co-founder and teacher at the Valley Print Studio. Thanks for working with me, Zeina!
Scot Nery's Boobie Trap
Scot Nery invited me back to staple drape at Boobie Trap! This show can have cirque, variety, magic, music, comedy, burlesque and general mayhem.
I'm stapling Wednesday, July 29th. Doors open at 7 PM and the show's from 8-10 PM at
1910 W Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90026
$10 online, $15 at the door. Come on down!
Thanks for following along on the journey. Hope to see you soon! -Laura
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