A snapshot of this past year. Amazed at what God has done!
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Dear Supporters (of us and Poimen Ministries),

It is indeed a wonderful thing and profound blessing to have so many friends come alongside of us in what we do with Poimen Ministries. We have felt the love of many, and experienced tons of answered prayer. Although immensely undeserving, we are very grateful.

When we started Poimen Ministries eight years ago, we did not know how things would develop over time. But since then we've added six more pastoral couples to our team (for a total of nine couples), and there are several more couples that have talked with us about joining Poimen in the future. 

The need for pastoral help and encouragement is real. The primary focus of Poimen Ministries has been to serve as pastoral consultants, provide church assessments, and assist churches with pastoral transitions. What that all means is that we help pastors. That's what we do.

The pastors I know love what they do. They also love the Lord Jesus, deeply. They realize that time is short, and that Jesus' coming is imminent. 

They worship the Lord, they stay steeped in their Bibles, they work hard, pray hard for vision and wisdom, trust the Lord for His provision, and are loving and patient with people, even difficult ones. They spend lots of time thinking upon matters of God's kingdom. 

And most of them appreciate and benefit from what all men need: they need someone to relate to, someone to believe in them, someone to be truthful with them in love.

That's why we do what we do with Poimen Ministries.

Each of our pastoral couples have been in ministry for over 30 years. We have all been given much by the Lord and have received much grace to do what He's called us to do. 

So we are giving back. We're not retired, but are people on a mission. We want to see strong pastors, encouraged pastors, equipped pastors. So important.

It's through your encouragement, prayers, and financial support that we are able to keep on doing what we do. And we thank you for it.

Merry Christmas!

In Christ,
Bill and Sheri Holdridge
In November Sheri and I drove to Boise, Idaho to help a church in the Treasure Valley as well as spend Thanksgiving with my mother and other members of my side of the family. We surprised our mom because she didn't know about my youngest brother and younger sister coming to join us. That was fun.

So here's my mom ... 92 years old, still sharp. Still beautiful ... an amazing woman.
The Fam.
(At least some of them.)
Selected Memories...
These pics each tell a story.

Top left: well, we're moving ... again. Actually, we already moved out of our home in Modesto. This is a picture of our bed frame. I took this shot so I'd know how to reassemble it when we move into our next place. Was that smart, or what?

Top right: taking a walk at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. We love living in the central valley, but we miss the ocean. I'm not a surfer, but the ocean air and vibe are wonderful.

Bottom left: Sheri and I took a break after a very busy Spring and Summer and headed up to the California Redwoods. Here's a drive through tree. So here I'm waiting and wondering if I'm gonna try and fit the Tacoma through that opening. I decided against it, and pulled out of line. Good move, I think.

Bottom right: a very important part of this past year is connected with Sheri's partial knee replacement surgery. Recovery has gone well, and we're thanking the Lord for His healing process through a great surgeon and recovery staff. 
More Selected Memories...
Top left: some great guys from Calvary Chapel Modesto. Pastors Hadji Henderson, Mike Veneman, and Franz Bischof ... along with Franz's son Stephen and Dave Abbey, tech guy at the church. Franz is now in heaven after a long bout with cancer. He was and is a tremendous man. Jesus lived in him very fully. 

Top right: a highlight of my year was a relatively short trip to Brazil do help with a pastor's conference. Here I'm about to share the Word of God with the dear saints of Calvary Chapel Campo Mourão, pastored by Diego Bitencourt. What an honor, and such great, hospitable people! 

Bottom left: a selfie. A very bad selfie, shooting myself in the mirror. This was during my annual time of ministry with GLDI (Global Leadership Development Institute). Nuff said. 

Bottom right: probably my favorite photo of the year. I probably posted it in a previous newsletter. This man, in his upper 80's, shares my name- "Guillermo" (William in English). He loves the Lord, and proudly holds up his copy of God's Word. This was taken in a small village in Baja while on a ministry trip with Bill Walden of Cornerstone Ministries of Napa.
Where were we doing ministry in 2016?
Among other places, we were in:

Modesto, CA. Baja California, Mexico. Sacramento, CA. Valley Springs, CA. Oakdale, CA. Yuba City, CA. Tucson, AZ. Costa Mesa, CA. San Ramon, CA. Mountain View, CA. Boise, ID. Fort Bragg, CA. 

A relatively light travel year for us, largely because of a seven month church transition in Yuba City. 

Praise God for His faithfulness!
Our ministry with Poimen Ministries is a faith based ministry. What that means is that we are supported by churches and individuals who want to partner with us in what we are doing. We do Matthew 6:33, the Lord fulfills His promise.

Poimen Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the rules of the IRS. All contributions are tax deductible.

If your heart is to contribute on a one-time or regular monthly basis, you may go to and either send checks to our support address as directed, or select Pastor Bill Holdridge in one of the drop-down menus and contribute online. 

Thank you for reading, thank you for your participation in prayer, encouragement, or financially. We mean that, we really do.
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