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Happy New Year and Thank You
from all at Messef Orphanage in Haiti
and the Team in the Dominican Republic

Thanks to the generous support of a small group of you, we have been able to take a food run for Messef every month in 2015.  Pastor Quirico continued faithfully to make the trip to Haiti, sometimes able to enter and sometimes only transferring the food over at the frontier.  Work commitments have prevented Danilo from going very often but his heart is still with the children. I had not visited personally since September, 2013 so was very much missing the children and felt out of touch with things there. 

Pastor Altesse, the founder, and his wife, Huguette, had also moved away to pastor a church in Port-au-Prince with others left in charge, with diminishing numbers of children, lack of continuity and a general loss of motivation.

However, all that started to turn around when
A Serving Heart decided to become more regularly involved (see September Newsletter). When I finally got to visit just before Christmas, we found Pastor Altesse and Huguette living back at Messef permanently and a renewed enthusiasm and hope.  Please click here for my photos and here for some super shots from Jurgen Warschun, who was also making his first visit in almost three years.  Jurgen's photos are so good that it is hard to choose just a few to feature here, but here is a selection to whet your appetite. You can also view the children singing here.  Please read on below to find out what improvements have been made.

Jurgen with Edlin

So, our challenge is to keep supplies coming in 2016.  With the present number of children and staff, our food and transport costs are just over US$660 per month.  Please join our regular and occasional donors to make this possible.

With regards to health,
Gelet seems to be making a good recovery from tuberculosis, Wadelin is still of concern with her severe epilepsy and Fadelin is receiving some extra supplements to try to boost his delicate health.  You can see each of them singing in the links on their names.

Please Donate Here for 2016 Food Runs
#GivingTuesday Appeal 2015
We set ourselves the optimistic target of US$5,000 to raise in our #GivingTuesday Appeal on 1st December, 2015.  As you can see, we raised just over half of that amount - see below for donors.  Thank you all.

As always happens where Messef is concerned, God provided, using you and me and others to meet the need.  We aimed to use the bulk of this money to finish the boys' dormitory (a
project begun a long time ago) along with a number of other repairs and improvements.  However, when we arrived at Messef we discovered to our delight and amazement that the dormitory was already looking very different to the last time we were there, with the floor and walls finished, brightly painted and the bunk beds donated by Annica and Barrio Blanco all beautifully in place.  A visiting team from Puerto Rico had stumbled upon Messef, seen the need, and sent a group back down to get the job done.  We are trying to make contact with them to coordinate our efforts.

The outside of the property has also  been painted recently and the whole place is looking brighter and cleaner, with A Serving Heart also buying great, coloured chairs for the children.


As we do not need to spend money on the floor and walls of the dormitory, we asked Messef what their most pressing needs were.  They told us the following (not necessarily in order of priority), most of which are being required of them by the Inspector of Orphanages:
- a ceiling below the tin roof in the dormitory to regulate the temperature etc.
- mosquito screens/netting
- improvements to the very poor kitchen
- toilets for the boys' and girls' dormitories, to avoid treking outside to the distant latrines at night
- plastic mattress protectors, sheets and towels

- repairs to the roof of the old girl's dormitory (this was replaced by Lisa in 2011 but is now corroded again and leaking like a sieve)

A Serving Heart have made repairs to the old gas stove but sometimes there is no money for gas so they cook on fire, when they can get the charcoal or kindling.

My 15 year old granddaughter, Laura, from the UK, held a Christmas raffle for Messef and raised £16.60.  Laura has fundraised with her friends and at school before for the children in Haiti and has sold her own toys to raise funds.
We love that our young supporters are willing to give up their time and possessions to help. I'm very proud that my own grandchildren, including 7 year old  Ben, are in that group.
Once again Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery in Binley Woods, England, has been fundraising for its chosen charity, Friends of Messef.  The children and staff all came to their party on 18th December in Christmas jumpers and parents and friends contributed £32.05 to funds at Messef.  We thank Nerys, my daughter, Kat, and all donors for their great support of the children throughout the year.
Lissie and Matt from the UK donated £50 to the #GivingTuesday appeal, raised in a raffle for Messef at their Vape it Easy Christmas event on 19th December. 
Lissie is interested in having a pen pal for her young son.  If you would also like to know more, A Serving Heart can offer this connection.
Thank you to everyone who helped during 2015 and who has donated money or gifts since our last Newsletter. 

Donations were
made to the #GivingTuesday appeal by Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery, Laura, Mike, Pauline, Rhonda, Sandra, Susan, Trudy, Lissie and Matt at Vape it Easy, with a few more pledges still to come in.  Jeanette donated for her grandchildren -
Charlotte, Spencer, Ruby and Imogen - and Linda donated in memory of her Mum, Hetty (aka Billy) Haynes. Thank you all.

General gifts and donations have been received from Annica and Barrio Blanco, Jenny, Jurgen and Sandy.  We especially thank Annica for helping with Christmas gifts and vitamins for the children and Jurgen for the marvellous photos.

Helen at Oaklands Wealth Management has kicked off the 2016 Appeal, please join her here.

Thank you again to A Serving Heart, whose supporters donated the washing machine and chairs in the recent photos, and to Dr. Kerolle for overseeing the health of the children.

We would once again  like to thank Trudy, Cliff, Wendy, Barbara and Jeanette, our regular sponsors, all in the UK, for their support.  If you would like to join them, with no matter how small a regular donation, please contact us.  If you are interested in child sponsorship for a nominated child, this can be organized at the Living Christ Orphanage, as administered by A Serving Heart - just let us know and we will put you in contact.
EasyFundraising UK
EasyFundraising isn't just for Christmas.   If you are in the UK and shop online, please sign up now if you haven't already done so.  It's so easy to raise funds without spending or doing anything extra and there are many special offers for you too!
Special thanks to Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery for helping us with the administration of this.

Find out more on our website and please share with your friends.

May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Best Wishes,

Linda Stapleton de Martinez                                  Pastor Quirico Diaz      
Coordinator                                                          Leader


Please Donate Here for 2016 Food Runs
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