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Rare treats served by Pastor Quirico
Food for Haiti
When we last wrote to you just before Easter, my goal was to raise sufficient funds to cover three food runs, as I knew I would be away in England for a month and would not be able to devote too much time to fundraising from there.  Pastor Quirico delivered a food run on the 27th April and we have just about  enough money to last us through to the end of June.   Scroll down for full details, with thanks to donors.
Amazing things happened in the process.  We received an extremely generous donation to set the ball rolling and then a number of you have given or have been fundraising.  I'd like to quickly share with you a chain of events that were such amazing coincidences, or maybe "God-incidences". 

As you know, with the problems at the frontier, Pastor Quirico has not been able to get into Messef on a regular basis, often delivering the food as far as the border.  There are a number of things we wanted to discuss with Pastor Altesse, the Director, but he now lives in Port au Prince and has other people managing the orphanage, with him and his wife visiting once or twice a month.  We'd been praying for the opportunity to meet.  It seemed so difficult, especially as I have not been to Haiti for 18 months. 

Well, a week or two ago Pastor Altesse, his wife, baby, Renee Anderson (the original Messef contact) and two friends from Haiti arrived on my doorstep quite unexpectedly.  It was an answer to prayer and we will be reporting more on developments over the coming months. 

Linda, Pastor Altesse, Huguette, their baby and friends

In addition, I was recently in contact over Skype with Friend of Messef,  Pauline S. from Canada, as we connect every Wednesday evening, and she was praying for the children at Messef.  We do pray for them together, but not as a matter of routine every week.  At that moment, there was a knock on the door and a neighbour placed US$100 in my hand for the food run!  I was so awestruck by this that I posted my praises on Facebook and then received a message from a friend from church who has just left for the US, telling me that she had been thinking of donating to Messef but was not sure how to, and then she saw my post about this recent occurrence, so now knew how to give.  She made another generous donation!  I am just blown away by how God always has these children in the palm of His hand....and uses you to provide for them.

Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery in England, where my daughter, Kat, is Office Manager, is a great supporter of Messef.  They regularly fundraise for the children and in their latest event, "Ready, Teddy, Listen" they raised £180 or US$273 in a sponsored read.  We really appreciate these young children and their families learning to support children far across the world.
Minnie and colleagues at MNRF
Minnie, Lisa's sister, has once again been fundraising for Messef at the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (Timmins District) by selling chocolates to raise funds (previously they have sold pizza).  Their wonderful efforts raised CAD$203 or US$167.  Thank you all!
Melissa and Dan
As a change from fundraising for Messef, Melissa has recently married Dan in the most wonderful of romances that surely had the strong hand of God in that, too.  We wish Melissa and Dan the very happiest of marriages and are delighted for them both.
Easter Appeal 2015

This wonderful total has been arrived at from the following donors: Rhonda, Mike, Jeanette, Marie, Christine, Lisa, Minnie and MNRF, Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery, Isa, Jens, Susan, Carolynn and Linda.  If anyone would still like to help us to bring this up to our goal of US$3,000, you can do so below.

We would also like to thank Trudy, Cliff, Wendy, Barbara and now Jeanette, our regular sponsors, all in the UK, for their faithful support.  If you would like to join them, with no matter how small a regular donation, please contact us.  Finally, thanks also to Marchelina for clothes donations.

Check out the new look website and please share with your friends.

May God bless you abundantly.
Linda Stapleton de Martinez

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