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The bounty of summer is all around us. In this edition, we take a look at how excess affects us and what we can do for ourselves.  

Enjoy these final weeks of summer - they are truly wonderful!

Yours in health,
Dr. Michael Aker

Cocktails & Dehydration by Dr. Jenny Talbert

Cocktails & Dehydration | Wellness ChiropracticWith summer comes lots of parties, bonfires, and back porch bar-b-ques as well as an increase in alcohol consumption. It is hard to resist the occasional glass of wine or beer but there is too much of a good thing.  The main issue with drinking to much alcohol is dehydration. Drinking at least 1 glass of water between each glass of your favorite beverage will help you stay hydrated and decrease hangovers.

Also, making sure that you have a good meal with plenty of protein and fat prior to your night out will save you as well.  Remember, carbonated water and lime looks a lot like a gin and tonic so no one will even know if you choose to not drink as much as your friends!

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Summertime Indulgence by Gisele Bridges

Summertime Indulgence | Wellness ChiropracticSummer time entertaining is in full swing. We have lawn parties, weddings, and all host of family gatherings to enjoy. I often find myself staring down at the appetizer table and assess my choices before I fill my plate. Like many, I have several food intolerances to take into account. In my attempt to eat mostly nutritious foods as much as possible I start with whole, unprocessed foods and I try to stick with foods that have few ingredients. There is usually a veggie platter of some sort and hopefully some fruit, a nice plate of shrimp, cheeses, olives or deviled eggs. 

Only after I've eaten some foods with protein and good fats do I allow myself a treat of something sweet. That way, my blood sugar is less likely to take a spike and my energy level won't take a nose dive later on in the day.  Of course, we all want to indulge a little – after all it's summer! It's the little choices we make every day that add up over time. If most of my choices are good ones, then I can handle a few little delights once in awhile. So the next time you're at a party, take a few moments – the choice is yours.

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Survive the Snack AttackSurvive the Snack Attack by Dr. Michael Aker 

In my wellness consultations I find myself in discussions about the many common maladies that seem to afflict us.  Over the many years that I have done this I have observed a common malady that significantly promotes these illnesses. It is a bug that has infected nearly everyone.  

It is called THE SNACK ATTACK...
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